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Reflections: Heading back to Malaysia.

Sorry folks. I have been meaning to write this... but I got totally distracted by my annoyance with Australia Post!! Anyways, today I finally managed to get my Skype to work. There was a problem with my transaction via Paypal with Skype, so today as the last resort, my HSBC Debit card was finally used.

A word of warning... SKYPE auto-debits your credit/debit card in future once its details are being input into their "program". So if you don't want them auto-debiting your card in Australian dollars (or whichever currency it was used to purchase), please cancel the card after your transaction, rendering all future transactions with it impossible.

Tonight is my last evening in Sydney before I head to Seoul... and I spent the entire day just clearing out my room of all the boxes, food and etc. The evening was spent having steak with my cousin, Winnie, and her family at a diner nearby. Before heading home, I stopped by their hotel room, having fresh-cut mango for dessert. LOL. ^^

Anyways, back to my main concern... after about 3 whole years being Down-under, I finally can go home. Malaysia being my final destination. Seriously, I am excited about my entire trip to Seoul, and Hakata/Tokyo. Of course now, what is on my mind is how I will fit back into life in Malaysia after having spent 3 years abroad.

I have spent almost 2 1/2 decades of my life in Malaysia before heading abroad to further my studies. Going back to KL, even for a short period of time, I am not sure how much I have changed, or how I would fit back into the society I was from.... In the past one year, at least half of the people I know (who I actually keep in touch with) have either tied the knot, or had babies. Or just started a new relationship....

The range of people I normally are acquainted with are now so much different from when I first left for my studies. Indeed my studies overseas have "kind of" opened my eyes to what I know and see of society. Which is a good thing.

Indeed what the world holds for me, I really do not know. Only time can tell.

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