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Photoblog: Christmas Lights 2008!

On Thursday night, my friends and I from our church life group headed out to the little "Domain" for a carolling session near Burwood (about 2 stops after Ashfield Station.).

For the uninformed, in places like New Zealand, and Australia, there are always special events that take places in huge grounds normally called "The Domain" which is similar to what some may call a stadium. Superstars, and performers will normally come to grace these events, and families will come in the masses, bringing their mats, and food, and BYO, and watch the show till night. These performances are normally free admission.

Anyways, after the "CHristmas in the Park" show at Burwood, we headed off by Edward's car to look for Christmas Lights... Yes, people in these parts (especially those who have their own homes) take the time to put up Christmas lights. Its about the only time where families and people have the time and excuse to decorate their homes (and for outsiders to take pictures and admire the exteriors of their home!) LOL.

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Christmas Light1
House 1

Christmas Lights2
House 2

Christmas Light3
House 3

Christmas Light6
House 4

Christmas Light7
House 5.

Christmas Light8
House 6

Christmas Light5
House 7

Christmas Light4
Me posing in one of the homes!

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