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Making progress so far...

My life in Sydney is pretty much... well, not much to shout about. Apart from going to work, the only I had to keep me occupied was church. I only met up with people from church like maybe twice a week, so I had to come up with other things to keep me busy as the normal niceties like clubbing, golf and drinking were completely non-existent part of my life.

So I took up ice-skating, signed up for bible-class on Monday, and voluntarily decided to self-study Korean. Well, and you're probably wondering what is the outcome so far?

Today I finally picked up my Canterbury Ice-Skating (Aussie Skate) Basic One certificate. Not bad for a going away souvenir, as Jo mentioned. Oh yes, and I brought my Korean friend, Jo, to the ice-rink today. Apparently she had some tricks up her sleeve.

This morning, she looked rather sickly and was tired all. But surprise, surprise. Half an hour after arriving at the ice-rink (we were late for the class by the way!), she showed her prowess in ice-skating. She was much better than a lot of the students in the Novice class....! Apparently she was rather good at sports when she was in school, and she used to do roller-blading in her early years.. Hmmm.. Oh well, what can I say? haha.. That's what you get for being a bookworm & librarian. Hahahahaha.

All in all, at least I can finally skate at Novice level. I have got about 3 lessons more to go, and 2 more practices. When I head back to KL, I will get myself a proper pair of roller-blades. Being that the ice-rink in Sunway is just too far away, I can only make it there once a week.. so to compensate, I'll have to practice at home. So yeah, whoever is interested in ice-skating, do join me. Also, when I head over to Korea, I will be doing some ice-skating, so I won't be out of practice, being that its winter there now.

I had endeavoured to attend the bible-class and finally gave up after 5 weeks. Why? Cause I could not really understand what the facilitator was trying to say... Probably just a mismatch in teaching-learning styles. I have to try hard to keep awake during the class anyways. Oh Well.

As for my progress in Korean language, well... let's just say it's not really progressing much. Sure, I watch Korean dramas and all, but I still can't hold a conversation yet either (not that I will anytime soon.) I guess I have to do more memorisation and have input at this moment. The real test is when I touch down and leave the Seoul airport. Well, we'll see.

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