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Last two weeks in Sydney.

Its finally the last two weeks of my impending leave of Sydney..
You must be asking how I am probably feeling in the last two weeks, right? Well, its mixed feelings of my stay here in Sydney for the past one year. From attending Hillsong, and then to Hope Sydney, I met many different kinds of people... and especially the koreans!

I was going through Facebook, and finally had one of those questions from my high school years that finally got clarified after 17 years... can you imagine that? I heard that story on the week before Mother's Day, and never had that clarified. I could never have imagined that I would get the answer after leaving high school, and in Australia over Facebook.

It's one of those things that I am not sure if I feel relieved, or impertinent that I could not have got along with him to ever ask him that... also the fact that after leaving school for 12 years, we have still yet to meet, although we are in the same country far away from Malaysia...

Anyways, here is an update from the last week:
Firstly, I got my my application for a visa to Nippon-land approved! Woo hoo.. Just something that happened!! I knew it, I knew it! Its good if I ever had to apply for another visa to Nippon in KL, it will make the process much more easier, since I already have the initial visa to go there that is.

Secondly I lost my ice-skating pass... Hmmph, being that it still had 5 more ice-skating sessions to go, I really wasn't too pleased at all! That's about 5 x AUD16 = AUD80 that I will have to pay if for individual sessions. This is absolutely CRAZY. No way hosea.

Third, well, nothing much exciting apart from those two. I have been busy packing my room, and two weeks to leave, my room looks spick and span, like a completely new room. My boxes to Melbourne are almost ready to go now, and I am trying to upload to Snapfish for my free 50 prints (not including delivery, but that's peanuts compared to the price of the prints that I will print anyways). However, the add-on software seems to be a bit useless, so I might end up with no prints. Oh well.

Now all that is left to do is to plan my trip, and manage the accomodations, and just take off..! Woo hoo!

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