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I'm Leaving On A Jetplane... Korea, here I come...!

Unless my readers have been hibernating in the summer sun, you would know by now that I will heading to South Korea on the 28th of Dect and flying home to Kuala Lumpur tentatively on the 23rd of January. In total, I will be spending about 25 days in South Korea, and another about 6 days in Japan. I have already received my travel guide from the travel agency, and now the only thing left to do is read through the guidebook.

As for communicating in Korea, all I can say is that I can't really speak the language that much (or well for that matter) but that doesn't really matter. I can't imagine how I will survive in a language that I barely even know except for smatterings that I have picked up in the last 6 weeks. All to be said is that I am sure I will survive the Korean fare as I get enough of that in Sydney. It will be an extension of the menu in Korea when I actually touch down there.

I will definitely miss cheap Sydney Korean food when I am back in Kuala Lumpur coz its cheaper here even after conversion (imagine paying AUD10 for one dish which includes pap and ba-chan) is still cheaper than eating in Hartamas, or Tmn Desa, or in those places that KYSpeaks recommends... Hah! (Unless KY can find a cheaper place, I can't really imagine where he could find any that is...)

Justin reckons that once I start to return to mamaks and siu-yeh in KL time and context, I will no longer think about Korean food anymore. LOL. We'll see, Justin. We'll see....

Anyways, I have finally lodged my OZ Permanent Residence application, and will have to wait at least about 6 months before I might even get assigned a case officer, but it doesn't matter that much since I already have my 485 subclass visa.

For you peeps still in Kuala Lumpur, I can't wait to see you during Chinese New Year!! See you soon!

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