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Complaint: Australia Post (World Square Plaza)

This entry is written out of my dissatisfaction of the behaviour of staff shown and displayed to me when I went to Australia Post recently. Wherever it is I may be employed to sent to work at, I always aim to display work which shows the best of my ability, and to be of pride to my employer and to the people and staff around me. In particular the words I speak to the parents of the children under my care, the staff around me, the children, and to do what is right for a person in my teaching profession.

If I did not do what which was right, in my opinion, I do believe that my clients and my employer have the right to make complaints about my performance. It is also in the same stance that is taken when this post is written. To complain about the behaviour of staff when they do not display behaviour which is appropriate to what is expected of them.

On 24th Dec 2008, I and my flatmate, Yanti went to the Australia Post located at the World Square Plaza, Pitt St in Sydney. I went there to send two boxes to my brother, Kingsley in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria.

My complaint:
What really irked me were the behaviour of these two men, who were servicing the counters at the 12:30pm shift. I don't know what their names were, but one was a man of Indian ethnicity, and another who was of Anglo-Australian ethnicity. Both of them were in their late 30s-40s and were working alongside each other.

It is extremely shameful, that there would be people who work in the front line to display such behaviour to customers. Both men were in their late 30s, and displayed behaviours to customers, what I would call very unfriendly, unhelpful and speaking in a very condescending manner to customers.

People in their late 30s to 40s should already be aware of the importance of ethics, and knowing what is right & not right to say or do in front of customers. There was not even a long queue at that time (12:30 shift), with only a handful of customers, that there should be reason for these two personnel staff to need to whinge about being busy, till at least the lunch hour.

My flatmate, Yanti was extremely irked, and incensed by their behaviour. She works in the customer service, specifically the food & hospitality industry, and is appalled that Australia Post would have in their employment persons displaying such atrocious customer service behaviour.

Fortunately I had the good sense to not let their bad and unfriendly staff behaviour get to me, but I must write this post to show that I know what good customer service is, and when I see it. It is also within my rights to complain about bad service when I see it, and do not take lightly to condescending behaviour when displayed.

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