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Christmas: Carols in the Domain- Sydney 2008.

With the advent of my new camera, I have lovely pictures to show.. bursting in fresh and full colour! So, presenting some pictures taken fresh yesterday from the Carols in the Domain..

As said before, countries like New Zealand and Australia have shows in the parks, and domains.. public performances. Of course, it might be a bit difficult for The States to have it since they are in the middle of winter, but I am sure they will catch up in Spring and Summer time. LOL.

Basically it was just an excuse for families to have a picnic out, and head to the Domain, arriving 3 hours before the performances even started! I had no idea what I was doing there, except for being with some friends from my church's Life Group, besides almost getting a chill, and had to borrow a jumper from one of my friends, Sunny. My flatmate, Yanti, already caught a cold from last night, and is whinging about it now....

We arrived at the Domain about 5ish pm, and even then the place was already swamped! It took us a while for us to find a spot, with us dragging a child about 4 years of age with us. Finally, a spot was found behind a tree, and about more than 10 of us had to squeeze into a tiny spot!

All in all it was a good experience, but unless it was with my friends, I would rather stay in and read a book/surf the Internet. :-P

Crowds 2

Crowds 3
More crowds...

Crowds 1
Huge crowds.. Ren Shang, Ren Hai...

Waffle Stall
One of many rows of stalls selling food, fish & chips, etc...

One of my friends, Sunny.

In the night....

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