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One year older, another year wiser (hopefully...!)

Well as most of my friends will know, my birthday is approaching in a matter of a eight hours time.. the BIG THREE will arrive, but not so soon yet la... I am not sure if to feel glad, or bemoan the fact that I am growing older... LOL.

Anyways, not much has happened recently apart from the grant of my visa. I had almost not gone for my ice-skating classes yesterday due to some misperception on my part late this week, but yesterday, the ice-skating coach decided to spring an unannounced Basic I & Basic II test on us.

She only allowed me to undertake the Basic I test, where the elements being tested was the Dip, Two Feet Gliding and Falling. We will also receive our certificates next week, so it was a good boost to our confidence. I was also finally pushed up to the Novice class, and no longer in the Basic class! Woo Hoo!!

For Basic II, the elements being tested was the Snowplough Stop, One Foot Glide (Left & Right Foot), and Forward Swizzle, but I will probably take this test next time. In summary, so yes indeed, I was glad to have gone yesterday and pass the tests so that now I can focus and practise the the more difficult elements that are being taught.

This week, some people from the Hope Brisbane church had come to visit the Ashfield group. They had a few interesting characters, with among some of them being Singaporeans. Ah.... our neighbours. Haven't seen much of our "kaki-lang" (own people) in a while. Malaysia, how I do miss you!

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