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A new pair of inline skates to go.

Today I went for my third ice-skating lesson... I am still in basics class, and was itching to be pushed up to the Novice class. But somehow the coach didn't have such ideas.. However when I spoke to another mate whom I met at the skating school, he said that although he was kicked up to the Novice class, he had not mastered the basic skills which is his current skills were based on. I finally learnt the last skill we needed to, which was learning how to control our skates to stop on ice as we glide on it.

Since I really do not have the chance to go practice ice-skating, henceforth, I decided to procure a pair of inline skates for my own perusal. It's better than nothing. My flatmate and I decided to head down to Rebel Sports to look for it, and there are two stores in the Sydney CBD.

Initially I wanted to get a pair of Senior (meaning adult size) inline skates, but since none of them fit me, the assistant brought out the Junior ones... which was okay, since the initial one which I wanted to get cost 10 AUD more. Hah! I will be heading to Hyde Park to practise my skating, which is better in the case that the nearest ice-rink is more than an hour away in total.

Just been spending too much money in the last week, purchasing facial cosmetics, new shoes from Skechers, and today inline skates.. Well, I deserve it. I have been working too hard, and hoarding up my money in the bank.. ^^

One of our church mates, Tidy was leaving for Thailand, so my church mates came to pick me up to the airport.
In the next three months, there will be more people leaving as their visa comes to an end. As for the korean guys, most of them will be returning to their home country to complete the rest of their studies and finish their army service.

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