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Monday: the Hope Brisbane mission group.

This week has been kind of topsy-turvy. A bit of an emotional upheaval.... being that, it must be said that I am a rather emotional creature after all!

On Monday and Tuesday, I somehow managed to get myself spending with time witth the mission group from Hope Brisbane, (Eileen, Adeline, Charmaine, Jacqueline, Fei, Derrick, and Sean). Surprise! Surprise!
I don't know how that happened, but it happened. Everything just happened in a whirl, and I am still not sure what happened. The majority of these guys were from Singapore, haha... and they reminded me of my homeland (nevermind that Singaporeans and malaysian do argue a lot on whose food is better!)

Well, anyways, these guys were lovely. I met up with them on Monday afternoon after work, and went to Fish Market with them. It was a galore of seafood haven! Then we headed over to their rented apartments in Pyrmont, and ended up having a nap in their place!! In the evening, I had to do the tourist-y stuff with them, but this time, taking the ferry from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay.....did you know that you could use the Ferry Travel Ten (just like the Bus Travel Ten for 10 different persons?)

After which, we walked around Circular Quay.... you know, I wasn't expecting them to know anything, but they surprised me first before I could surprise them! (I had wanted to go to the bakery shop to get something...) Also too, I actually had to attend a bible session that night, but somehow I decided to forgo it (and so did Korean Matt.... the attendance taken showed that I boh-sia, but he also boh-sia la?!!)

We were posing in front of the Circular Quay and one of the girls, Charmaine, took out her video camera for a normal ordinary shot. I was actually busy texting away on my phone, when all of a sudden one of the other girls took out a box of tiramisu cake and they decided to spring on me by singing "Happy Birthday!!!".. well, that was definitely a pleasant surprise. Then we all headed to Pancakes on the Rocks (my first time there!).

After dinner, we headed to the Ah Guy, Ah Lian choc shop, where some of us ordered a hot choc (about $6). I was wondering why there was a stick in the cup, but when we were almost done with the drink, I realised that it was a stirrer.... (I am so slow, hor?)

Thanks guys...... it was great of you guys to insist on treating me. I wasn't expecting it!

Anyways, because it was already late night, I ended up staying over in their rented apartment for the night.. They decided to have siu-yeh (supper) at 12 midnight snacking on prawns and oysters... Ahh ?? Haven't done in a very long time lar! Hmmmmm. The next day after work, I went to see them and sent them off the next day from a fellow church mate's flat... and that concludes the end of their trip in Sydney.....

Hope to see you guys in future!

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