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What I did in Melbourne.

So, I had toured Melbourne for a week, and returned to Sydney just last week. Sorry, did not have the time to update my blog for quite a while.

My mother did comment that the air was drier in Sydney in Melbourne. Melbourne was still wintery cold, and everyone was out in their winter coats and boots, whilst down here, everyone is in their singlets, sandals, spaghetti straps and sunglasses. LOL. My dad made me drink A LOT OF WATER, which is helpful as I was suffering from a TERRIBLE cold the week before.

Managed to:
*Attend cousin Debbie's wedding at the Uniting Church near Toorak,
*Stayed in the apartments near South Yarra,
*Take the tram for the second time ever!
*Walked around Melbourne on the shores of Australia for the first time ever with my parents!
*Looked at the property in the Western part of Melbourne. It's not exactly the hottest spots, but people used to say that Puchong was too far! Ten years later now, everyone has to pass through Puchong in some way or another. Not to mention, the roads there are getting congested!
*Get update of the Anwar case & all the political hoo-haa of Seputeh MP Teresa Kok being released from custody.

*Couldn't meet up with Yong Shin or Caroline! Oh well.

Well there is some outcome of this visit to Melbourne. After visiting some areas of Melbourne, (disregarding the current economic and job market situation), the probability of moving there is now very much higher.

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