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What I did in Melbourne.


What I did in Melbourne.

So, I had toured Melbourne for a week, and returned to Sydney just last week. Sorry, did not have the time to update my blog for quite a while.

My mother did comment that the air was drier in Sydney in Melbourne. Melbourne was still wintery cold, and everyone was out in their winter coats and boots, whilst down here, everyone is in their singlets, sandals, spaghetti straps and sunglasses. LOL. My dad made me drink A LOT OF WATER, which is helpful as I was suffering from a TERRIBLE cold the week before.

Managed to:
*Attend cousin Debbie's wedding at the Uniting Church near Toorak,
*Stayed in the apartments near South Yarra,
*Take the tram for the second time ever!
*Walked around Melbourne on the shores of Australia for the first time ever with my parents!
*Looked at the property in the Western part of Melbourne. It's not exactly the hottest spots, but people used to say that Puchong was too far! Ten years later now, everyone has to pass through Puchong in some way or another. Not to mention, the roads there are getting congested!
*Get update of the Anwar case & all the political hoo-haa of Seputeh MP Teresa Kok being released from custody.

*Couldn't meet up with Yong Shin or Caroline! Oh well.

Well there is some outcome of this visit to Melbourne. After visiting some areas of Melbourne, (disregarding the current economic and job market situation), the probability of moving there is now very much higher.
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Parents finally here in Sydney!


Parents finally here in Sydney!

Yes, as you can see, they have safely landed in the land Down Under this morning. A smooth & safe journey it was. Even customs was quiet I heard, and their normal routine examinations was not as stringent.

I have been sick for a week, so I did not work last week, nor this, as I am heading over to Melbourne on Wednesday morning. Can't wait to meet up with the rest of my kin and friends who are already there.

As I had actually booked my parents to stay in a particular hotel near my flat, and even wanted to pay for their accomodations, early this morning, I went to the said hotel. But surprise, surprise, the staff of the hotel said that they were not open till 12pm, for payments or check-ins of any kind.

My parents arrived about 11ish. We knocked on the door, and eventhough there were some staff walking around in the hotel, and the lights and television in the dining area was turned to full blast, the knocking on the door was ignored.

Furious, my dad went on to look for another place... and that is what they did. I was just really surprised at why the staff couldn't give a bit of leeway, being that they could have at least allowed my parents to just put their luggage in the dining area, and let me check their names in. But instead, we were totally ignored...

My rationale to that is probably that these guys were probably just paid staff, and weren't thinking about customer loss. Why would they? They don't have to worry about breaking even, or if they have to pay the salary & bills at the end of the month. So yes, they lost the guests to another hotel.

Imagine how would a traveller feel, say after about about ten hours of travelling, or more, and have no place to park their luggage. They are almost, if not, dead tired and just want to put their luggage somewhere and clean their face... Oh well, their loss.
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Spring is cometh.


Spring is cometh.

Today is the first day of Spring. The clouds were away, so it was a really warm & sunny day.
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