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Whale sighting...

I was working in a centre in Warringah area today, and to my surprise, I sighted a whale when I was out for my lunch break today!

There were people taking out their cameras and looking out from side walk cafes. At first I thought it was because there were huge beautiful surf waves rolling, or maybe a dolphin. But it turned out to be a whale on the beach! Wow....Never imagined I could actually sight one on an ordinary sunny day like today.

Tonight, Brendan Fraser was supposed to attend a movie premiere at the Greater Union cinema near where I live. However I had to forgo that as I remembered that I had to meet up with Tommy, an online friend of mine.

Tom works & lives in Warringah, so I thought might as well do that since I was down in the area anyways. We went to this chinese restaurant where I ordered (without bothering to look much at the menu) in Cantonese. Not that scanning through the menu would be of any use anyways.

Halfway through dinner, my korean friend, Jo finally called me if I wanted to go out for dinner (for the first time this week)! She was surprised when I told her I was in Warringah! LOL ^_^

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