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Strathfield: Turning Korean. LOL.

Yup. Been busy having korean dinners, hanging out with korean friends, and watching Korean dramas.. *LOL* So busy that I haven't had time to blog anyways.

Anyways, my Ashfield caregroup has started devotions on the book of Romans in the past two weeks. I really do not know what Paul is trying to say, as it probably is more suitable for someone who is a more mature Christian. However, since we are doing it as a group, then there would be support for each other.

A friend of mine, Michael Chan., who has Permanent Head Damage, has headed over from Brisbane to work in Sydney, so that means one more friend here in Sydney! Woo hoo..!! The last time I met up with him was before I headed to New Zealand last year, which was a rather long long time ago. LOL.

Last Sunday, I headed to Strathfield to do some shopping after our sports practice (Hope Sydney is having an Inter-Church Games). The place is really KOREAN to the core. You don't even have to go to Korea to visit Korea. This place is packed with Korean people, and korean restaurants, and korean boutiques. I am hoping to come here again after next week ... burn another hole in my pocket....

Jo, me & Arthur had Korean for dinner (with the usual four side dishes). I bought a winter coat, and two pairs of shoes which were on sale! I really like the korean merchandise as their quality beats the made-in-China ones (obviously). Further too, the design was really classic, so it was really made to last and had value for money. It only took up to about two weeks of my rent as well as burning a huge hole in my pocket... what a nice feeling!

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