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Recovering from Food Poisoning.

As you guys can guess from my infrequent Twitter update, I am just slowly recovering from food poisoning.

This, was due to some oysters or sashimi we bought at this place in Fish Market near Wentworth Park, Sydney. The reason I am putting up the name of the place publicly is so that if you guys ever do go there to have your seafood diet, just be careful with the raw dishes. (Oh, and get activated black charcoal pills to eat in case your stomach gets feeling funny).

If you want to know, it wasn't just me, but another korean friend of mine , Jo Cho who suffered the same fate. She was luckier than I was as she managed to throw out the toxic stuff before it could "incubate" in her system.

Being bedridden for almost 3 days and more, is no laughing matter. I lost two days of work, and I didn't manage to participate in the Hope Sydney Olympics.

So yes, I seriously do not want to get food poisoned again. I tried activated black charcoal to adsorb the toxic stuff. I hope it works (at least that is what it claims anyways). Basically, I had no time to go and see a doctor as I was running off to the toilet every 15 mins for the first two days. It was so physically tired it was not funny. All I did was sleep the whole day.

I almost had to go home from work today, but thank God that He really sustained me. I went in faith, and He didn't fail me. Just a reminder to those out there to be careful with raw food. You never know what could happen.

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