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The call to Evangelism.

If there is one thing God has reminded me about in the past week, it is about preparing for the Great Commission.

This week during our connect group's discussion on evangelism, we read from the book of Acts 2: 14-41. Some of the things required to go into evangelism (whether in your workplace, among your friends or as a missionary) are:
1) Confidence & Boldness
2) Memory of the key verses
3) Understanding of the scriptures
4) Ability to communicate & relate your knowledge to your audience
5) willingness to go out and face the crowds...
6) Prayer!

Down the street where I live, there is a man who goes on his microphone and loudspeakers, and does the John the Baptist act out on George St. I realise that there have been so many missed opportunities that the Holy Spirit has been leading me to see, which I could have used to lead others too...

Just pray that the Lord will impart in me the gift and choice to do what I have to do to fulfil the Great Commission.

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