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Mike Guglielmucci's Fake Cancer story.


Mike Guglielmucci's Fake Cancer story.

It is a real shocker. The christians who listen to Hillsong's music, and those who attend PlanetShakers (from Melbourne), you guys would have heard stories of Mike Guglielmucci's that his cancer was not real ...
It must be devastating to those in the Christian communities to hear of his misdeameanor.

During the Hillsong Conference this year, I was among one of those who was praying in the Arena stadium, and challenging God to heal this man... (and maybe mine was one of those prayers answered). Ironically, it was not a physical healing, but rather a healing of the mind that should take place. I believe that God has finally convicted Michael Guglielmucci to do what he should have done in the first place. I am pretty sure that God was fed up with this man's behaviour for lying and faking his story for so long.

Many times I have prayed to God in the midst of sicknesses, (especially in the winter with a flu, cough, and food poisoning). Somehow rather, my healing would take place. Although it didn't happen immediately, but from what I know, my recovery from food poisoning would have taken far longer time than only 3 days to get over with.

As someone commented in a blog elsewhere, why didn't God show discernment in anyone, or even within his own family? We will never know why God allowed this to happen for so long... perhaps this will be a time of testing, healing & prayer for the Christian community to show forgiveness and for the Australian community to not harden their hearts towards the gospel, and for Guglielmucci to contend with the people whom he has hurt with in the ministry.

It has to start somewhere anyways.
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Whale sighting...


Whale sighting...

I was working in a centre in Warringah area today, and to my surprise, I sighted a whale when I was out for my lunch break today!

There were people taking out their cameras and looking out from side walk cafes. At first I thought it was because there were huge beautiful surf waves rolling, or maybe a dolphin. But it turned out to be a whale on the beach! Wow....Never imagined I could actually sight one on an ordinary sunny day like today.

Tonight, Brendan Fraser was supposed to attend a movie premiere at the Greater Union cinema near where I live. However I had to forgo that as I remembered that I had to meet up with Tommy, an online friend of mine.

Tom works & lives in Warringah, so I thought might as well do that since I was down in the area anyways. We went to this chinese restaurant where I ordered (without bothering to look much at the menu) in Cantonese. Not that scanning through the menu would be of any use anyways.

Halfway through dinner, my korean friend, Jo finally called me if I wanted to go out for dinner (for the first time this week)! She was surprised when I told her I was in Warringah! LOL ^_^
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The call to Evangelism.


The call to Evangelism.

If there is one thing God has reminded me about in the past week, it is about preparing for the Great Commission.

This week during our connect group's discussion on evangelism, we read from the book of Acts 2: 14-41. Some of the things required to go into evangelism (whether in your workplace, among your friends or as a missionary) are:
1) Confidence & Boldness
2) Memory of the key verses
3) Understanding of the scriptures
4) Ability to communicate & relate your knowledge to your audience
5) willingness to go out and face the crowds...
6) Prayer!

Down the street where I live, there is a man who goes on his microphone and loudspeakers, and does the John the Baptist act out on George St. I realise that there have been so many missed opportunities that the Holy Spirit has been leading me to see, which I could have used to lead others too...

Just pray that the Lord will impart in me the gift and choice to do what I have to do to fulfil the Great Commission.
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Recovering from Food Poisoning.


Recovering from Food Poisoning.

As you guys can guess from my infrequent Twitter update, I am just slowly recovering from food poisoning.

This, was due to some oysters or sashimi we bought at this place in Fish Market near Wentworth Park, Sydney. The reason I am putting up the name of the place publicly is so that if you guys ever do go there to have your seafood diet, just be careful with the raw dishes. (Oh, and get activated black charcoal pills to eat in case your stomach gets feeling funny).

If you want to know, it wasn't just me, but another korean friend of mine , Jo Cho who suffered the same fate. She was luckier than I was as she managed to throw out the toxic stuff before it could "incubate" in her system.

Being bedridden for almost 3 days and more, is no laughing matter. I lost two days of work, and I didn't manage to participate in the Hope Sydney Olympics.

So yes, I seriously do not want to get food poisoned again. I tried activated black charcoal to adsorb the toxic stuff. I hope it works (at least that is what it claims anyways). Basically, I had no time to go and see a doctor as I was running off to the toilet every 15 mins for the first two days. It was so physically tired it was not funny. All I did was sleep the whole day.

I almost had to go home from work today, but thank God that He really sustained me. I went in faith, and He didn't fail me. Just a reminder to those out there to be careful with raw food. You never know what could happen.
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Strathfield: Turning Korean. LOL.


Strathfield: Turning Korean. LOL.

Yup. Been busy having korean dinners, hanging out with korean friends, and watching Korean dramas.. *LOL* So busy that I haven't had time to blog anyways.

Anyways, my Ashfield caregroup has started devotions on the book of Romans in the past two weeks. I really do not know what Paul is trying to say, as it probably is more suitable for someone who is a more mature Christian. However, since we are doing it as a group, then there would be support for each other.

A friend of mine, Michael Chan., who has Permanent Head Damage, has headed over from Brisbane to work in Sydney, so that means one more friend here in Sydney! Woo hoo..!! The last time I met up with him was before I headed to New Zealand last year, which was a rather long long time ago. LOL.

Last Sunday, I headed to Strathfield to do some shopping after our sports practice (Hope Sydney is having an Inter-Church Games). The place is really KOREAN to the core. You don't even have to go to Korea to visit Korea. This place is packed with Korean people, and korean restaurants, and korean boutiques. I am hoping to come here again after next week ... burn another hole in my pocket....

Jo, me & Arthur had Korean for dinner (with the usual four side dishes). I bought a winter coat, and two pairs of shoes which were on sale! I really like the korean merchandise as their quality beats the made-in-China ones (obviously). Further too, the design was really classic, so it was really made to last and had value for money. It only took up to about two weeks of my rent as well as burning a huge hole in my pocket... what a nice feeling!
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