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Hillsong Conference: First Day.

The first day for Hillsong Conference 2008 was really great. There wasn't much of a registration as I already have my armbands for the conference. By the time the evening night rally started, I was already rather tired!

My ex-uni mates are currently staying at Paramatta (nearer to Olympic Stadium, but still taking 45 minutes of travel which costs only 2 dollars!). When I informed them that I was travelling back alone to Central, they were rather worried. The guys didn't want me to travel home by myself, and Jason offered to travel back with me to the city. (Isn't that sweet?).

Anyways, I was fortunate to have another Sydney friend who happened to be driving home in the direction of my home that I didn't have to take the train. We'll just have to figure out how I will travel home for the rest of the other nights though I do have a return ticket.

Surprisingly, most of the other older females (and males) didn't seem to raise an eye or blink their eyes about it. Perhaps they are used to travelling alone in Sydney? Maybe it is not practical in the realistic word, or economically to show that much concern for every female passenger that you are sending home by car, or travelling alone at night?

To tell you the truth, I was a bit worried about travelling alone after the conference. It's just nice to hear someone else actually mouth their concern without my raising it. It is nice for a change for other people to show some concern, especially from males about a female's safety in going home alone at night.It would be nice to see some gentlemanly behaviour demonstrated once in a while. Just makes me feel nice to be a female in those times.

I ain't exactly those feminist types who wants to fight if they want to do manly things for a lady. ^_^

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