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Mamma Mia!


Mamma Mia!

Today I went to watch Mamma Mia! at Broadway cinema with Jo, Edward & Cecile, and Elena! Yup, she was over for the weekend from Melbourne for business purposes. The movie is not bad, with Meryl Streep, and Amanda Seyfried who has quite good voices for their roles... Even Colin Firth can sing quite well, and I think they put Pierce Brosnan as comic relief.. (coz he really can't sing!!!)

Elena did describe Melbourne as rather laid back & slow paced in comparison to Sydney. I also met Yukiko, a Jap born Chinese Singaporean banker whom Elena had bunked over with during the weekend. I would deduce she is about the same age as I am due to the clues I have picked up throughout the day. Actually, I think they are both about my age, LOL!

We drove to nearby Mosman for dinner at this Jap restaurant that Yukiko recommended. It was one of the cheapest diners in Mosman, considering that is a rather affluent area. It would have been nicer if we were there in the day time to see the waterfront scene.
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Back to pace of working life...

Back to pace of working life...

Life is just easing back to post-Hillsong Conference, and the pace of working life. I must admit that with working and all, I really do not have the time to blog as much as before. There are so many things that I want to do on a daily basis, and it never seems to get accomplished.. *sigh*.

My ex-uni mates have come and gone. The Hillsong Conference was a most interesting experience... I did take down a lot of notes in a book. Which is good as I take my time to reflect upon slowly each day, and let God speak to me in His own time.

There were a few unsavory moments after the conference, but I do not really want to be dragged into it, and I just want to keep my distance. For the record, Patrick dropped his camera into the ocean (for about the second time, I heard!).. Tsk tsk tsk. I do believe that by now, SY has learnt the lesson of being prudent in what he does (this time around!).

I did pick up a few lessons observing the young group of students who came from Queensland. I believe the Lord has opened my eyes to see, and my heart to be more open & kind to the people who are in need of help, and we should always take the initiative to offer help instead of being in our own self-conscious and self-centred shell. I have learnt through all my experiences, that the Lord has sustained me all this while without the need to depend financially on anyone. If I believe the Lord will sustain me, and provide for all my needs, why should I hesitate to help others too who are in need?

For the Lord says, "whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' (Matthew 25:40). May He teach me to have compassion for the poor, the sick, the needy & to love the young children with the same Love that He loves us with. Amen.
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Hillsong Conference: First Day.


Hillsong Conference: First Day.

The first day for Hillsong Conference 2008 was really great. There wasn't much of a registration as I already have my armbands for the conference. By the time the evening night rally started, I was already rather tired!

My ex-uni mates are currently staying at Paramatta (nearer to Olympic Stadium, but still taking 45 minutes of travel which costs only 2 dollars!). When I informed them that I was travelling back alone to Central, they were rather worried. The guys didn't want me to travel home by myself, and Jason offered to travel back with me to the city. (Isn't that sweet?).

Anyways, I was fortunate to have another Sydney friend who happened to be driving home in the direction of my home that I didn't have to take the train. We'll just have to figure out how I will travel home for the rest of the other nights though I do have a return ticket.

Surprisingly, most of the other older females (and males) didn't seem to raise an eye or blink their eyes about it. Perhaps they are used to travelling alone in Sydney? Maybe it is not practical in the realistic word, or economically to show that much concern for every female passenger that you are sending home by car, or travelling alone at night?

To tell you the truth, I was a bit worried about travelling alone after the conference. It's just nice to hear someone else actually mouth their concern without my raising it. It is nice for a change for other people to show some concern, especially from males about a female's safety in going home alone at night.It would be nice to see some gentlemanly behaviour demonstrated once in a while. Just makes me feel nice to be a female in those times.

I ain't exactly those feminist types who wants to fight if they want to do manly things for a lady. ^_^
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Hillsong Conference 2008 starts tomorrow!


Hillsong Conference 2008 starts tomorrow!

Woo Hoo.

It was indeed a miracle for me to even be able to attend. I had wanted to attend the Hillsong Conference, but the costs of the tickets was beyond what I could afford... and out of the blue, like a week ago, my group leader, Edward sent us an email about two discounted tickets for sale from Hope Melbourne.

The tickets are currently selling for AUD280, but the ones that were being put up were only AUD120, and that included the entire week's night rally tickets! Woo hoo!! So yes, it was a fantastic deal. Never in my mind could I guess that I could get the tickets for anything less than AUD150 (which is what my friends bought for a couple of months ago).

As there were two tickets for sale, I decided to call Elsey up to find out which stream she had chosen to attend. I found out too that Jason had intentions to go, but couldn't afford the price either. So he decided to join the bandwagon, and yes... yeap. He is here in Sydney too now! So yes, it is indeed a miracle for us to be able to get such cheap tickets even at the last minute to be able to attend!! Hehe.

So yes, my friends from uni have arrived. Examinations ended last week, so they have all flown in on Saturday from Toowoomba to attend the conference. Seng Yee, Elsey, Jason, Andrea, & Patrick. This morning, they came with me to attend Hope Sydney, the church that I am currently attending. After that, we took a walk near Darling Harbour. Along the way, Rachel came with a friend.

Yeap, so that means I will be off work for the entire of next week. The first day of the conference is mostly a free day, and for registration purposes. Will write more about it later.
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