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Work update.... lazy.

Hi people, how's your week so far? Just some update on upcoming events. From the end of next week, there will be the Hillsong Conference at the Acer Arena. It's quite a distance from where I am staying, and it will cost a bomb, so I doubt I am able to afford to go for the Hillsong Conference. I however, am going for one of the night rallies, when Joyce Meyer will be speaking.

Some of my friends are coming over from Toowoomba in July, so I will get to meet them. That'll be great.

Apart from that, been kept busy with work this week. Last week was rather quiet however. But anyways, work is work, and money is money.

Had korean for dinner twice this week. We went for korean last night and another day, both nearby. Well, it was not too bad. At the traditional korean restaurant, you'd get four side dishes with the main menu ordered. We ordered three, my flatmate, me and a korean friend of mine. Hot Pot of beef stew, a chicken ginseng soup and a chilli mackarel stew. Don't ask me what the korean names were. I have NO IDEA.

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