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A post-flu & graduation update.

Hi readers, am now officially back to work. I was much better by Monday (which was Queen Elizabeth's Birthday), after being ill for two whole weeks sniffling, and had a fever that fluctuated up & down like nobody's business!

And now? Well, actually there remains still some remnants of the flu. I really have to maintain my health during this cold season. I don't really have anyone who could look after me. Boo Hoo Hoo... Anyway, it's common in countries when Autumn/Winter comes, when many people WILL catch the bug.

How's life in the past few months post-graduation?

Life as a survivor in Sydney.. I finally have shown it to my family that one can be independent when they make their mind to do so. Personally, although unsaid, I suspect that there is that smugness in my parent's minds. LOL. (Nevermind, it is a typical parent thing...). My mom definitely is of the opinion of my strong willness & independence of mind in that matter. LOL.

So what are my plans? I am finally done with undergraduate studies, (thank heavens!) so for now it is a matter of building my career (with the option of settling down with a family should that ever come up. LOL). The question of what I could build for my future is something that needs much prayer & planning, & whether I want to remain indefinitely in Australia for that very purpose.

One of my goals when I was younger was to go & see the world and live in a foreign country. Having done that in the past two & a half years, I am grateful for the opportunity to have done that & live, study & work in provincial Australia, as well as visiting New Zealand where some of my kin are.

In the process too, I had also discovered myself & built a 'living" relationship with my Heavenly Father during my time in Toowoomba. I guess, with the hustle & bustle in the busy city life of KL, it was difficult for me to even seriously find time to hear God's voice, nor to see his hand working personally in my life. Away from it all, it was an opportunity, where I did not have much options but had actually even endeavoured to spend personal quiet time with Him to hear him speak & work into my life.

My next course of action will determine what I could do for the rest of my life, so it is definitely something I have to seriously work out & pray before doing so. Just pray that I make a wise one.

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