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I am officially a Senior First Aider now!

Hi people... I have the cough again. SIGH. Been breaking my vocal chords the past few days. I do know that on those days that I have a could (or impending one), I would perform poorly at work. Being a casual, that is detrimental to work performance. Well, what can I say?

I finally completed my Senior First Aid training with St. John's Cross Association on Tuesday. It was a two day training sessions. Although I would like to have opted for a one day course (and a self study of 8 hours), the thought that came to me was that since I am paying the same price for whether one or two days, I might as well have a face-to-face interaction with my trainer rather than study alone without feedback from other people.

There was a 45 Multiple Choice Question which we had to fill in and could only get 10 out of 45 questions wrong. = 35 was the maximum we needed to get to get our Statement of Attainment for the workshop. Well, thankfully I passed! I also learnt to do the CPR, have basic training with the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and the emergency numbers to call within Australia.

So yeah, that comes my First Aid qualification which will last me for the next three years till it expires. Hei wait, did I just see someone fall of his bicycle??

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