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When you're down on the dough...

When I was at the 1:15pm service today, the church was giving out freebies away... Normally after the worship service, one of the leaders will come on stage and give a brief of the week's events. Today as usual, he took out some merchandise that the church had on sale, and talked about its benefits. Then he'd hand it out to another person who would give them out as freebies.

I was sitting in front so I quickly raised my hands and the man came to me! Lucky me had to make a quick tough decision between the Hillsong USB-Wristband & the I Heart Rev album, so I took the latter instead. So yes, now I have a free Hillsong album that costs AUD25 dollars!

If you're wondering why I'd be having an entry about this is because I was thinking of getting the album when I was at the bookstore earlier, but I definitely didn't have enough dough to even consider buying fish from the market.. ha ha ha. It was seriously Providence...

Another incident was during Easter when I was thinking of wanting to go to the movies, but I was seriously down on my finances, and I just wanted to head to cinema. There and behold, on Good Friday when I had volunteered to come in to help with serving the coffee, there walked in a girl who was giving out free Greater Union movie tickets coz they were going to expire, and she had no time to go.

I asked if I could have it, and there... I saved about AUD16 dollars paying for the movie tickets. When your pay hasn't been banked in, one can only hope to watch the movies in their dreams... I had two tickets, but decided to share it with my flatmate, Titi.

Well, freely received, freely I should give it away, right? Never in my mind I could conceive these times where I could be blessed by other people. Indeed.

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