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SilverFOX: Case of the Mysterious Visitor

Ahhahahhaa... CY arr, had you not casually commented your blog was searched by an unknown person/figure/something, it would not have crossed my mind today (to put two and two together, that sort of thing) when someone else i know was quoting stuff off from one of my previous entries here.

Well, consider the case closed lar; ye and I shall probe further no more as the 'perpetrator' was more curious than to do harm. In fact, I was labelled 'sly'... *sob sob* T_T

I shall leave that to the interpretation of the readers' imagination.

So anyway, case solved. It's all elementary, my dear Watson... =P


cheayee said...

GrayFox: what do you mean??

I don't know who was quoting stuff off from one of your previous entries, coz I know I didn't.

There I was looking through the "key words" and I was curious to what this 'unknown entity" was searching on this blog for.


Silver Fox said...

A friend of mine. Maybe she thinks I'm 'not being really honest' about some parts of my life. Well, at least she found out I'm a 'serial blog-hopper'... =P

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