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More Miracles!

My mate will go ballistic if he knew I was writing this, but heck, the glory isn't to him! Yes, I was only supposed to blog this after our return from Toowoomba, but I thought a preview might be right in session. Yesterday afternoon after my arrival in Brisbane, I made a call to him to enquire about his migration status. *surprise* *surprise!*

Hope beyond hope. Measure beyond measure.

He told me it had already been approved! I was jumping up for joy. Initially he was facing a lot of migration/employment troubles with his pending/current visa. For one month, we were praying for him. The timing was just so PERFECT! Praise the Lord!

Who is the mystery fellow? You will know soon. ^^

If you guys are wondering, I have safely landed in Brisbane. Am bunking over at Leon's. Jason came over & my cousin, Adrian joined us for dinner. Jason dropped by this morning on the way to work. It seems he's got himself something new... *be patient, you'll know well enough soon ;-)

Will be heading Toowoomba on Thursday. See you guys soon!

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Silver Fox said...

" himself something new"

^^I'm guessing: iPhone...

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