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USQ: Graduation Convocation @ Toowoomba

Hi reader, how was your week? As most of you all would have known, I was away for the weekend to Toowoomba for my convo. If you are an avid fan, you'd have realised that my Twitter was still busy updating . ^^

Ok, what was the big news? Well, tum tum tum... the news was that Kevin L.'s application for Permanent Residence has been approved!! I was so happy when I heard the news last week. Just wanted to wait till I return it before I finally announce it...

So now, presenting my photos of the convo...

sitting hall crowd
Graduation hall ..sitting hall
Guess where I was sitting?

stef jia mus
Steph, Jiaren & Mustapha.
Under the marquees..

In the Quadrangle..

In the garden near Engineering faculty...

Pretty guys all in a row. ^^

Hanna me
Hanna & I.

crazy girls
Crazy girls...

jiaren photographer
Jiaren, the photographer adjusting my hair...
Solo me...

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