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Distinct Personalities.

Currently I am staying in a flat with flatmates possessing distinct personalities.Whilst I was out tonight at French Riviera for some frozen delicacies, I had a most interesting time picking my flatmate's brains dissecting how the distinct personalities operate.

When I was out for a dental appointment recently, I overheard the conversation that took place between the nurse & the dentist. I was recommended by my flatmate, Titi to the centre. Titi possesses a fairly dominant personality whereby even the medical personnel even acquiese to her requests, when she goes in without making an appointment. It is such that Titi had no realisation that even one of our other flatmates, who is a male, has a certain fear of aggravating her.

I on the other hand have a fairly less dominant personality, but instead I realised that I have others who are willing to acquiese to my requests without even my asking to. For example, when I was on a bus ride to Macquarie Park recently for work purposes, I had absolutely no idea where the place was, nor did I even bring a map. But I had a fair idea of where the place, so I thought that would be adequate for me to know.

So I went & was getting a bit panicky and finally decided to ask the person next to me, who happened to be a man and asked IF he knew where the location was. Then before I knew it, he had jumped up from the seat & had gone up to the driver TWICE to ask for directions. I was so surprised I didn't know what to say but thank him when he got back.

As I thought about it, I then realised that the nurse at the dental appointment had also acquiesed to my request without my needing to be assertive nor dominant about it.... *Heh*

In retrospect, I guess that each personality has its own way of doing things. and you know what? I think I might know how to use my personality to my advantage after all. ^^

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