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After I wrote the entry last evening, I was thinking about my life in Sydney and about the choices I have made hitherto. As the sermon progessed, I found myself trying in vain to hold my emotions in throughout the service. I knew the Lord was revealing His heart to me.

Knowing that my work will never go in vain, even years from now...
Confirmation: It started at the eleven o'clock service with the speaker telling us that early this week, Hillsong's 1993-"Shout To The Lord" was performed on American Idol. She said that Darlene Z., the writer of the song would have not known that 15 years later, the song that she wrote would be heard by millions for the first time on prime-time secular talent show, American Idol. First, when the word "Jesus" was taken out of the song, & second, when they tried to make amends by changing back to the original version of the song. That makes it twice on national tv! We were then showed a YouTube screening of it.

Evidence: When I chose to leave my homeland, it was with the confirmation but uncertainty in my future. It has been two years, and my spiritual life as a friend has testified how much I have grown & is demonstrated in my life. I have completed my degree, so that is a testament to the work I have put in.

Never letting my circumstance prevent me from being used or moving forward...
The preacher today was a female of Greek origin, & left orphaned in a hospital. (cannt remember her name). She said that she could have used her circumstances to prevent her from moving forward in life, to categorize herself as "a victim of vulnerability" to be eligible for the Australian govt funding, but then emphasized the fact that that is not what God would have wanted for her life.

He will always complete the work He started, & will always comfort us...
Confirmation: Finally she reminded us that no matter what circumstances or how difficult things has or will be, God himself who had started the good work in us will be faithful to complete it (Phillipians 2:5). To remember that He who had brought me out of Malaysia will deliver to me the help I need when I need it.

It brought to remembrance this passage from 1 Kings 19 when Elijah ran away after defeating King Ahab & his Baal prophets, & had asked God to kill him because he felt that life no longer mattered. Instead, God sent an angel to comfort him. Finally, God revealed himself by speaking to him in a "gentle whisper".

Evidence: Angels & Miracles: my mugged handbag, my angelic friends , my being changed into a Moses.

I really just need a time of refreshing at the fountain of living waters.

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