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SilverFOX: Baptism @ FGA

On a lighter note, today was a joyful day at church. Why?

It's dunk-the-new-believers-in-water baptism day!

Three peeps we know (including one more from my home fellowship) have been baptised this evening as you can see in the pictures below.

Baptised-to-be PL & HK with YC

This time posing with KK

HK looking calm

PL with J (behind)

Pastors in action

After getting the last pic, had to rush off to Basement 1 to help with the food distribution. Yup, we had to control the serving portions to ensure everyone gets, well, something. Cue the cook ala Oliver Twist... bwaahahhahaa...

But anyway, congratulations to our new Christian brothers and sisters who boldly took the step to begin life anew with Christ. I feel so blessed to know them! =)


cheayee said...

SilverFox: you do realise that the signature on the photos are already revealing your resources?

Anyway, congrats to the new brothers-sisters in Christ. (Although I haven't been cordially introduced to them yet).

Silver Fox said...

Ahh, it's alright. He's doing it deliberately. "It's good for business", he says... ;)

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