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USQ: Graduation Convocation @ Toowoomba

Hi reader, how was your week? As most of you all would have known, I was away for the weekend to Toowoomba for my convo. If you are an avid fan, you'd have realised that my Twitter was still busy updating . ^^

Ok, what was the big news? Well, tum tum tum... the news was that Kevin L.'s application for Permanent Residence has been approved!! I was so happy when I heard the news last week. Just wanted to wait till I return it before I finally announce it...

So now, presenting my photos of the convo...

sitting hall crowd
Graduation hall ..sitting hall
Guess where I was sitting?

stef jia mus
Steph, Jiaren & Mustapha.
Under the marquees..

In the Quadrangle..

In the garden near Engineering faculty...

Pretty guys all in a row. ^^

Hanna me
Hanna & I.

crazy girls
Crazy girls...

jiaren photographer
Jiaren, the photographer adjusting my hair...
Solo me...

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More Miracles!


More Miracles!

My mate will go ballistic if he knew I was writing this, but heck, the glory isn't to him! Yes, I was only supposed to blog this after our return from Toowoomba, but I thought a preview might be right in session. Yesterday afternoon after my arrival in Brisbane, I made a call to him to enquire about his migration status. *surprise* *surprise!*

Hope beyond hope. Measure beyond measure.

He told me it had already been approved! I was jumping up for joy. Initially he was facing a lot of migration/employment troubles with his pending/current visa. For one month, we were praying for him. The timing was just so PERFECT! Praise the Lord!

Who is the mystery fellow? You will know soon. ^^

If you guys are wondering, I have safely landed in Brisbane. Am bunking over at Leon's. Jason came over & my cousin, Adrian joined us for dinner. Jason dropped by this morning on the way to work. It seems he's got himself something new... *be patient, you'll know well enough soon ;-)

Will be heading Toowoomba on Thursday. See you guys soon!
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A heart convicted.


A heart convicted.

Just recently, or at least a couple of weeks past, I was convicted whilst reading a text on womanhood that I should forgive this friend over an incident that happened many years ago. He is someone who was in the same class as I was during my first semester in Year Seven (or Form 1, as Malaysians call it).

The said incident took place in the year when I was turning thirteen, right before Chinese New Year. He had given everyone, and even the new people in the class a greeting card from his father's company, but not I! Initially, out of curiosity, I tracked down his steps to know what he would do, and then realised that he had done it deliberately....!

In my mind, I was filled with a kind of unsaid anger that I never would realise would take years to go away. No one might know, but it was totally mortifying to be the only one excluded from the list... and even more embarrassing when even newcomers receive it but not someone who is in the class.

Yet although it's been more than a decade, and the 'HATRED' totally irrational, I realised that I had never actually forgotten the incident. This so called "friend" was not really a "friend" per se, but just an acquaintance from high school. To rationalise it, I always told myself that it's not like we actually had a conversation in school, or that he even knew of it to start with.

Eventhough I knew in my heart I should forgive him, I had always put this issue at the backburner, pretending that it didn't exist. Yet God had to wrestle with me on this issue. It was a heartbreaking weekend in Toowoomba when I went back for my graduation convocation that God finally dealt with this issue. That I could finally release this problem back to Him, not without tears streaming down mine. To have the peace that came with the confession.

Somehow recently, I found him (or rather, he found me) on Facebook. Thinking back, I realised that he had not signed up on Facebook a couple of months back when a childhood friend of mine, Lai Ching had decided to drop by Sydney for a visit. As this person is now currently working in Melbourne, perhaps if he had met up with her, I wouldn't have known what my reaction would be.

Perhaps God has his reasons to prepare me to be reconciled with this mate of mine. Perhaps God had wanted to work with my heart, to get rid of the bitterness that was there in all those years. Only time will tell.
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SilverFOX: Baptism @ FGA

SilverFOX: Baptism @ FGA

On a lighter note, today was a joyful day at church. Why?

It's dunk-the-new-believers-in-water baptism day!

Three peeps we know (including one more from my home fellowship) have been baptised this evening as you can see in the pictures below.

Baptised-to-be PL & HK with YC

This time posing with KK

HK looking calm

PL with J (behind)

Pastors in action

After getting the last pic, had to rush off to Basement 1 to help with the food distribution. Yup, we had to control the serving portions to ensure everyone gets, well, something. Cue the cook ala Oliver Twist... bwaahahhahaa...

But anyway, congratulations to our new Christian brothers and sisters who boldly took the step to begin life anew with Christ. I feel so blessed to know them! =)
SilverFOX: Case of the Mysterious Visitor

SilverFOX: Case of the Mysterious Visitor

Ahhahahhaa... CY arr, had you not casually commented your blog was searched by an unknown person/figure/something, it would not have crossed my mind today (to put two and two together, that sort of thing) when someone else i know was quoting stuff off from one of my previous entries here.

Well, consider the case closed lar; ye and I shall probe further no more as the 'perpetrator' was more curious than to do harm. In fact, I was labelled 'sly'... *sob sob* T_T

I shall leave that to the interpretation of the readers' imagination.

So anyway, case solved. It's all elementary, my dear Watson... =P

Keanu Reeves in Sydney!


Keanu Reeves in Sydney!

Yup, Keanu in Sydney on 15th April 2008 for the premiere of his latest movie, Street Kings at Greater Union cinema, George St. The movie was scheduled to start at about 7pm, so he arrived just before the movie started!

I went straight to the cinema right after work. On the way, I bumped into Stamati P., who helped me to take the video of Keanu (Coz I am such a SHORTIE!!)

HEHE. See if you can find him on the video, yeah! *LOL*

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After I wrote the entry last evening, I was thinking about my life in Sydney and about the choices I have made hitherto. As the sermon progessed, I found myself trying in vain to hold my emotions in throughout the service. I knew the Lord was revealing His heart to me.

Knowing that my work will never go in vain, even years from now...
Confirmation: It started at the eleven o'clock service with the speaker telling us that early this week, Hillsong's 1993-"Shout To The Lord" was performed on American Idol. She said that Darlene Z., the writer of the song would have not known that 15 years later, the song that she wrote would be heard by millions for the first time on prime-time secular talent show, American Idol. First, when the word "Jesus" was taken out of the song, & second, when they tried to make amends by changing back to the original version of the song. That makes it twice on national tv! We were then showed a YouTube screening of it.

Evidence: When I chose to leave my homeland, it was with the confirmation but uncertainty in my future. It has been two years, and my spiritual life as a friend has testified how much I have grown & is demonstrated in my life. I have completed my degree, so that is a testament to the work I have put in.

Never letting my circumstance prevent me from being used or moving forward...
The preacher today was a female of Greek origin, & left orphaned in a hospital. (cannt remember her name). She said that she could have used her circumstances to prevent her from moving forward in life, to categorize herself as "a victim of vulnerability" to be eligible for the Australian govt funding, but then emphasized the fact that that is not what God would have wanted for her life.

He will always complete the work He started, & will always comfort us...
Confirmation: Finally she reminded us that no matter what circumstances or how difficult things has or will be, God himself who had started the good work in us will be faithful to complete it (Phillipians 2:5). To remember that He who had brought me out of Malaysia will deliver to me the help I need when I need it.

It brought to remembrance this passage from 1 Kings 19 when Elijah ran away after defeating King Ahab & his Baal prophets, & had asked God to kill him because he felt that life no longer mattered. Instead, God sent an angel to comfort him. Finally, God revealed himself by speaking to him in a "gentle whisper".

Evidence: Angels & Miracles: my mugged handbag, my angelic friends , my being changed into a Moses.

I really just need a time of refreshing at the fountain of living waters.
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A time like this.


A time like this.

I was updating my blog in these past two days, and I realised that I have mentioned PG a lot particularly in the year before I left for Australia. Of course now when I look back through it, I am horrified at how often I did!

In retrospect, sometimes I wonder how different it would have been for me if I had stayed in Malaysia... and it has been difficult for me to have give up something that I really treasure for the sake of My Master who has assured me that leaving for Australia was the best decision I could have ever made.

It is even more difficult for someone like me who is now in Sydney without family & friends who are all away either in another state or back in Malaysia. Sometimes I don't have the strength & will & wonder how much longer this could take.

To PG, I want to ask for your forgiveness for how I have behaved towards you, & that I want you to know that too that when I wrote this two years ago. Although it is difficult, I really mean it, & I do forgive you in my heart. It has taken me a while, & even if you may not read this blog (and I have no idea if you ever will again), but I just want to tell you that even if you will never ask me in future, I just want to tell you that I have forgiven you a long time ago.

I pray that you will be happy & all the best in your future.
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Something to make you laugh!


Something to make you laugh!

I am totally bored.. So I dug through my previous blog entries from years in yearly order, I present them to you.. My hilarious posts.... I know my entries are pretty *serious* sounding a lot of times, but that is my style. So LIVE WITH IT!

Passion is the key ingredient

Moment of randomness

Silverfox's in the house!

I am so bad!

Exciting, Constipating Trivia!

Happy Ching-Yan-Chit


Reading between the Lines.

The Rain is Spaining

The Things Children Say!

In the News!

Imaginations of Port Klang out of a book..

PG *amuses* me

Funny Observations!


In 2004:
Fool Fool April Fool, Ha ha ha.

A conversation with Melanie.

Ah Long.
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When you're down on the dough...

When you're down on the dough...

When I was at the 1:15pm service today, the church was giving out freebies away... Normally after the worship service, one of the leaders will come on stage and give a brief of the week's events. Today as usual, he took out some merchandise that the church had on sale, and talked about its benefits. Then he'd hand it out to another person who would give them out as freebies.

I was sitting in front so I quickly raised my hands and the man came to me! Lucky me had to make a quick tough decision between the Hillsong USB-Wristband & the I Heart Rev album, so I took the latter instead. So yes, now I have a free Hillsong album that costs AUD25 dollars!

If you're wondering why I'd be having an entry about this is because I was thinking of getting the album when I was at the bookstore earlier, but I definitely didn't have enough dough to even consider buying fish from the market.. ha ha ha. It was seriously Providence...

Another incident was during Easter when I was thinking of wanting to go to the movies, but I was seriously down on my finances, and I just wanted to head to cinema. There and behold, on Good Friday when I had volunteered to come in to help with serving the coffee, there walked in a girl who was giving out free Greater Union movie tickets coz they were going to expire, and she had no time to go.

I asked if I could have it, and there... I saved about AUD16 dollars paying for the movie tickets. When your pay hasn't been banked in, one can only hope to watch the movies in their dreams... I had two tickets, but decided to share it with my flatmate, Titi.

Well, freely received, freely I should give it away, right? Never in my mind I could conceive these times where I could be blessed by other people. Indeed.
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Distinct Personalities.


Distinct Personalities.

Currently I am staying in a flat with flatmates possessing distinct personalities.Whilst I was out tonight at French Riviera for some frozen delicacies, I had a most interesting time picking my flatmate's brains dissecting how the distinct personalities operate.

When I was out for a dental appointment recently, I overheard the conversation that took place between the nurse & the dentist. I was recommended by my flatmate, Titi to the centre. Titi possesses a fairly dominant personality whereby even the medical personnel even acquiese to her requests, when she goes in without making an appointment. It is such that Titi had no realisation that even one of our other flatmates, who is a male, has a certain fear of aggravating her.

I on the other hand have a fairly less dominant personality, but instead I realised that I have others who are willing to acquiese to my requests without even my asking to. For example, when I was on a bus ride to Macquarie Park recently for work purposes, I had absolutely no idea where the place was, nor did I even bring a map. But I had a fair idea of where the place, so I thought that would be adequate for me to know.

So I went & was getting a bit panicky and finally decided to ask the person next to me, who happened to be a man and asked IF he knew where the location was. Then before I knew it, he had jumped up from the seat & had gone up to the driver TWICE to ask for directions. I was so surprised I didn't know what to say but thank him when he got back.

As I thought about it, I then realised that the nurse at the dental appointment had also acquiesed to my request without my needing to be assertive nor dominant about it.... *Heh*

In retrospect, I guess that each personality has its own way of doing things. and you know what? I think I might know how to use my personality to my advantage after all. ^^
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Final Leg: Kiwi Experience back to Auckland.

This post marks my final entry in the final leg of my Kiwi Experience tour around North Island. To think, I thought we may never reach the last of my journey, LOL!

After reaching Lake Taupo, we stayed at the Base Backpackers for two days.
Lake Taupo2
This picture reminds me of my mom.. I really look a lot like her here.

Lake Taupo3
Over looking Lake Taupo, as you might guess.

Lake Taupo1

Taupo_ White Water Rafting
One of our days in Lake Taupo, where I went white-water rafting... a huge suicide attempt, since I can't swim!!

During those two days, we walked around the shops and I went white-water rafting! My journey around North Island stopped there. Haruna continued on to South Island with the group. I was in tears, as it was my last time I may ever see her again & may be my only time I may ever step to this place.

At the time of this entry, Haruna has since returned to Japan & has gone on a tour with her husband. We still keep in touch via Facebook. ^^

On the way back to Auckland, the Kiwi Experience bus took us to see a couple more lakes enroute Rotorua.
a lake in Rotorua

Rotorua lakes

Rotorua lakes (on the way back to Auckland)
Ever seen such lakes before in your life?
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IELTS results out!


IELTS results out!

Yesterday my jaws decided to play havoc on me, rendering it necessary that I had to make an ad-hoc appointment with the dental surgeon today.. thankfully, I had already taken leave (unpaid that is. :-(

Apart from that, I had my visa medical procedures, and yes my IELTS results are out!

I was praying really hard, because I had applied to do the Academics format vs the General Testing format. Not only that, I knew I messed up when I was doing my Listening & Writing modules... making so many mistakes along the way... and having only scrawled a half-written essay in less than 5 minutes time till the paper was up!! Ha ha ha..

People were telling me that Academic format was going to be a tough ride & there I was thinking that I must have been crazy of me to have even considered taking the Academic format at that time. Hoping against all hope that I'd be fortunate with just a 6 for the amount of effort & preparation that I had put in, but Praise the Lord that I have passed better than expected!

Drum rolls...*Dum dum dum*

IELTS Academic:
Listening Score : 7.5
Reading Score : 8.5
Speaking Score : 8
Writing Score : 7.5
Overall IELTS Score : 8

I was on the phone when I saw my results posted on the wall at UTS.....I must have been totally screaming speechless when I saw it! Thanks to all the people who have prayed for me. The time studying was really worth it!
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