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North Island with Kiwi Experience: Part 6

Continuing our adventures from Te Puia, we had a short walk off Huka Falls at Waikato River.As you can see, Huka Falls is just mesmerising....

Huka Falls at Waikato River
The mesmerising Huka Falls. Blue. Bodacious. Strong.
Huka Falls

After Waikato, we arrived at Waitomo and stayed for a day. Haruna became my room-mate for the remainder of my travels with Kiwi Experience. Before leaving Waitomo, Haruna and I went Black Water Rafting. However, The only proof that I went Black Water Rafting is that my hair was wet. LOL ^^

Hare Shearing close up@ Waitomo
Hare Shearing... yup, a different breed of hare to your normal ones.

Waitomo_ Hare Shearing
A normal sized hare breed for that purpose.


willchua said...

Gah...did they killed the bunny? or just skin the fur?

cheayee said...

Nah... it's just shearing the fur. they're a special breed of hares for that purpose.

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