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North Island with Kiwi Experience: Part 5

Last night was horrid as I went to have coffee with one of my ex-uni mates, Avadhut at 7pm. Please remind me never to do this again in future.. I couldn't sleep until hours past midnight!

Anyways, presenting my 5th instalment on my trip around North Island. From Rotorua, I headed off with the Kiwi Experience tour bus to Waitomo via Waikato. I would have loved to show you the pictures of ourselves going Black Water Rafting, but I guess I'd have to wait for Haruna to send me the photos before that could ever happen! ^^

We leave Rotorua and visit Te Puia, which is a Maori Cultural Village. General admission is about $50, but travellers going with Kiwi Experience get about half off..(or any other travel group will gain access to discounts... just remember that trick next time ya!) ^^


Te Puia lakes 2.
Te Puia Springs..

Te Puia lakes (3)

Te Puia lakes

Te Puia_
Doing a traditional female Maori dance following the group leader ^^

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