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North Island with Kiwi Experience: Part 4

For my long-overdue 4th instalment, here is my blog on the continuation of my trip to New Zealand. I travelled with Kiwi Experience around North Island for about a week after Christmas.

It was with much trepidation, as I was going to travel & arrange my own lodgings. Alone in a crowd, as you can see. ^^ My cousin was very much... paranoid that I would be sleeping out on the streets, but I managed to reassure her that no such thing was ever going to happen any time soon. LOL.

On the first day, we drove to Coromandel Ranges and walked around Mercury Bay. Cathedral Cove is one of the more interesting features.

Mercury Bay
A view of Mercury Bay taken from the hillside.

Mercury Bay
A view of Mercury Bay's waters.

We spent about one day at Mercury Bay at this inn, and the next day we headed off to Hot Water Beach. The waters at this beach is really hot due to underground geo-thermal activity. The next day we headed off to Rotorua. It was at Rotorua that I met Haruna, a 28 year old Japanese girl who decided to have her last travel rendesvous before going home to get hitched.

We stayed at X Base Rotorua for two days. In terms of accomodation, I'd recommend that if you want to stay within the Kiwi Experience group, then by all means stay where the majority of the group stays. If you have friends of your own & have planned your itinerary, then go out and book your own.

Cathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove. Hence the reason as you can see.

Hot Water Beaches
Hot Water Beaches...the water is really hot!!

Rotorua_ side walks
Rotorua's steamy sidewalks..

Polynesian Spa Rotorua
Somewhere at the Rotorua Polynesian Spa..

Rotorua Polynesian Spa
Yours truly...soaking..

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