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IELTS results out!

Yesterday my jaws decided to play havoc on me, rendering it necessary that I had to make an ad-hoc appointment with the dental surgeon today.. thankfully, I had already taken leave (unpaid that is. :-(

Apart from that, I had my visa medical procedures, and yes my IELTS results are out!

I was praying really hard, because I had applied to do the Academics format vs the General Testing format. Not only that, I knew I messed up when I was doing my Listening & Writing modules... making so many mistakes along the way... and having only scrawled a half-written essay in less than 5 minutes time till the paper was up!! Ha ha ha..

People were telling me that Academic format was going to be a tough ride & there I was thinking that I must have been crazy of me to have even considered taking the Academic format at that time. Hoping against all hope that I'd be fortunate with just a 6 for the amount of effort & preparation that I had put in, but Praise the Lord that I have passed better than expected!

Drum rolls...*Dum dum dum*

IELTS Academic:
Listening Score : 7.5
Reading Score : 8.5
Speaking Score : 8
Writing Score : 7.5
Overall IELTS Score : 8

I was on the phone when I saw my results posted on the wall at UTS.....I must have been totally screaming speechless when I saw it! Thanks to all the people who have prayed for me. The time studying was really worth it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Di N,
u scored higher than i did! :)
anyway trying to look for your "contact me" button...
cannot find...

can i have your email add?

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