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Hillsong Album Recording@ Sydney, Acer Arena.

If it weren't for Aaron.L pestering me, I wouldn't have bothered with the pictures & all.... So compliments to him!! Anyway, this is my first major Hillsong event I have attended in my last two years in Australia. I thought I would celebrate it my posting up pictures. Enjoy!

Even if you haven't heard of the Hillsong trademark, if you have attended any churches these days (as long as they are not of the garlic smelling and organ playing
routine),you'd most likely to have heard of their songs. Even if you think you haven't had.

My flat mate, Yanti & I reached the bus stop from the Sydney Central station at about 3.15pm. It took us about 45 minutes by road to get to Acer Arena.3 full-load buses were needed to ferry us all!

Acer Arena is a large indoor sporting complex located in Sydney Olympic Park, and houses all kinds of events which can seat up to about 21,000 people. Hillsong has been utilizing its facilities for other events such as the annual Hillsong Conference (which is attended by people from all over the world).

Pre-booked tickets bought from the church, or online ranged from refundable $5 to inclusive of bus tickets at $10. It's wise that Hillsong planned their Album Recording right after the Women's Colour Me Conference (which took place during the weekend), so that all the necessary equipment would be in place by the time the Album Recording took place. (It's what you'd call, one way of conserving time, energy & costs!)

When we arrived at Acer Arena, loads of people were already queuing to get into their seats. Ground level was reserved for the special needs & disabled (actually I have no idea, but that was the general idea I gathered). Yanti & I managed to get seats on Level 1 (which is the middle seats) on the right side of the stage.

The Album Recording was great! The stadium was packed (as one can see from the pix below!). The gathering of so many thousands coming to worship God in such an atmosphere is an experience that is overwhelming to the spirit & soul. If you know of one near your place, try not to miss it. I am sure you'd feel the same too!

Hillsong 2
The place was packed!

Hillsong 1

Hillsong 3
Yours truly.

Hillsong 5


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