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Blessed Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. Sydney is having a 4-day weekend till Monday.

In the morning, I went to Hillsong City to help with serving coffee. Let's just say that although I understand the basics of making coffee, however it takes a while to get the specifics of making coffee right. Measuring the correct amount of coffee is essential in ensuring that the coffee when brewed will not turn bitter, or will provide the correct amount of strength for the drinker.

I also went in for the service, where Pastor Brian Houston was preaching on a message where "Jesus took the bread, blessed it, broke it and then gave it to his disciples."

He emphasized how God had used all the characters in the bible, when God took people like Abraham, Joseph, Moses and gave them the promise that they and their descendents will be blessed, but before the Lord could actually use them, He had to "break" them in..

Perhaps this is the time that the Lord is "breaking" me in before He can fully use me, and he reminded us of the part where when Jesus took the bread, he for not one instance had his hands off the bread. For that, we should always remember that He will never let us go, and is always with us in times of need and trouble, and these times of breaking in will only make us grow stronger and deeper in faith before we will be fully used by the Lord. Amen!

Have a Blessed Easter, readers!

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