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North Island with Kiwi Experience: Part 6

Continuing our adventures from Te Puia, we had a short walk off Huka Falls at Waikato River.As you can see, Huka Falls is just mesmerising....

Huka Falls at Waikato River
The mesmerising Huka Falls. Blue. Bodacious. Strong.
Huka Falls

After Waikato, we arrived at Waitomo and stayed for a day. Haruna became my room-mate for the remainder of my travels with Kiwi Experience. Before leaving Waitomo, Haruna and I went Black Water Rafting. However, The only proof that I went Black Water Rafting is that my hair was wet. LOL ^^

Hare Shearing close up@ Waitomo
Hare Shearing... yup, a different breed of hare to your normal ones.

Waitomo_ Hare Shearing
A normal sized hare breed for that purpose.



Last night I dreamt of you,
In not so many ways,
Or gestures,
I saw you.

Sometimes I wonder,
If it's just a figment,
Of what could be soon.

Perhaps I hope too much,
Or I worry too much.
But I've kept this,
Hoping it would go.

Life is funny,
The way things turn out.
Perhaps one day I will know.

Should I desire,
Like so many others,
I've waited so long,
I will never take any less.

He knows my heart,
And so will you.
When the time comes,
Perhaps you will show me yours too.
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North Island with Kiwi Experience: Part 5

Last night was horrid as I went to have coffee with one of my ex-uni mates, Avadhut at 7pm. Please remind me never to do this again in future.. I couldn't sleep until hours past midnight!

Anyways, presenting my 5th instalment on my trip around North Island. From Rotorua, I headed off with the Kiwi Experience tour bus to Waitomo via Waikato. I would have loved to show you the pictures of ourselves going Black Water Rafting, but I guess I'd have to wait for Haruna to send me the photos before that could ever happen! ^^

We leave Rotorua and visit Te Puia, which is a Maori Cultural Village. General admission is about $50, but travellers going with Kiwi Experience get about half off..(or any other travel group will gain access to discounts... just remember that trick next time ya!) ^^


Te Puia lakes 2.
Te Puia Springs..

Te Puia lakes (3)

Te Puia lakes

Te Puia_
Doing a traditional female Maori dance following the group leader ^^
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Blessed Good Friday


Blessed Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. Sydney is having a 4-day weekend till Monday.

In the morning, I went to Hillsong City to help with serving coffee. Let's just say that although I understand the basics of making coffee, however it takes a while to get the specifics of making coffee right. Measuring the correct amount of coffee is essential in ensuring that the coffee when brewed will not turn bitter, or will provide the correct amount of strength for the drinker.

I also went in for the service, where Pastor Brian Houston was preaching on a message where "Jesus took the bread, blessed it, broke it and then gave it to his disciples."

He emphasized how God had used all the characters in the bible, when God took people like Abraham, Joseph, Moses and gave them the promise that they and their descendents will be blessed, but before the Lord could actually use them, He had to "break" them in..

Perhaps this is the time that the Lord is "breaking" me in before He can fully use me, and he reminded us of the part where when Jesus took the bread, he for not one instance had his hands off the bread. For that, we should always remember that He will never let us go, and is always with us in times of need and trouble, and these times of breaking in will only make us grow stronger and deeper in faith before we will be fully used by the Lord. Amen!

Have a Blessed Easter, readers!
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North Island with Kiwi Experience: Part 4

For my long-overdue 4th instalment, here is my blog on the continuation of my trip to New Zealand. I travelled with Kiwi Experience around North Island for about a week after Christmas.

It was with much trepidation, as I was going to travel & arrange my own lodgings. Alone in a crowd, as you can see. ^^ My cousin was very much... paranoid that I would be sleeping out on the streets, but I managed to reassure her that no such thing was ever going to happen any time soon. LOL.

On the first day, we drove to Coromandel Ranges and walked around Mercury Bay. Cathedral Cove is one of the more interesting features.

Mercury Bay
A view of Mercury Bay taken from the hillside.

Mercury Bay
A view of Mercury Bay's waters.

We spent about one day at Mercury Bay at this inn, and the next day we headed off to Hot Water Beach. The waters at this beach is really hot due to underground geo-thermal activity. The next day we headed off to Rotorua. It was at Rotorua that I met Haruna, a 28 year old Japanese girl who decided to have her last travel rendesvous before going home to get hitched.

We stayed at X Base Rotorua for two days. In terms of accomodation, I'd recommend that if you want to stay within the Kiwi Experience group, then by all means stay where the majority of the group stays. If you have friends of your own & have planned your itinerary, then go out and book your own.

Cathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove. Hence the reason as you can see.

Hot Water Beaches
Hot Water Beaches...the water is really hot!!

Rotorua_ side walks
Rotorua's steamy sidewalks..

Polynesian Spa Rotorua
Somewhere at the Rotorua Polynesian Spa..

Rotorua Polynesian Spa
Yours truly...soaking..
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A Blank Fool.


A Blank Fool.

In the midst of trials & trouble,
Why does my mind think of you?
So near yet so far,
Is all my mind can conjure up.

I miss you more each day,
But yet will I ever say it?
Who knows.
Who knows.

I told myself it will not be so,
But here I am.
Doing the very thing I will not.
Who is this fooling?

What could this fool,
That appearances could deceive.
Of no-one,
Not least my heart.

Lord, forgive me,
For my heart is yet but tender.
I'm but a wee wench,
With a heart so full to give.
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Hillsong Album Recording@ Sydney, Acer Arena.

If it weren't for Aaron.L pestering me, I wouldn't have bothered with the pictures & all.... So compliments to him!! Anyway, this is my first major Hillsong event I have attended in my last two years in Australia. I thought I would celebrate it my posting up pictures. Enjoy!

Even if you haven't heard of the Hillsong trademark, if you have attended any churches these days (as long as they are not of the garlic smelling and organ playing
routine),you'd most likely to have heard of their songs. Even if you think you haven't had.

My flat mate, Yanti & I reached the bus stop from the Sydney Central station at about 3.15pm. It took us about 45 minutes by road to get to Acer Arena.3 full-load buses were needed to ferry us all!

Acer Arena is a large indoor sporting complex located in Sydney Olympic Park, and houses all kinds of events which can seat up to about 21,000 people. Hillsong has been utilizing its facilities for other events such as the annual Hillsong Conference (which is attended by people from all over the world).

Pre-booked tickets bought from the church, or online ranged from refundable $5 to inclusive of bus tickets at $10. It's wise that Hillsong planned their Album Recording right after the Women's Colour Me Conference (which took place during the weekend), so that all the necessary equipment would be in place by the time the Album Recording took place. (It's what you'd call, one way of conserving time, energy & costs!)

When we arrived at Acer Arena, loads of people were already queuing to get into their seats. Ground level was reserved for the special needs & disabled (actually I have no idea, but that was the general idea I gathered). Yanti & I managed to get seats on Level 1 (which is the middle seats) on the right side of the stage.

The Album Recording was great! The stadium was packed (as one can see from the pix below!). The gathering of so many thousands coming to worship God in such an atmosphere is an experience that is overwhelming to the spirit & soul. If you know of one near your place, try not to miss it. I am sure you'd feel the same too!

Hillsong 2
The place was packed!

Hillsong 1

Hillsong 3
Yours truly.

Hillsong 5

Say Goodnight to Insomnia.


Say Goodnight to Insomnia.

These tips are taken from the text above by Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs. I've had to re-adjust my body clock sleep time as I recently got called to work!! (Isn't that good news? ^^) So yeah, here are some tips that you guys can use too...

Among some of the tips he recommends are:
1) A Regular Rising Time- Get out of bed around the same time every day, including weekends, no matter how little or poorly you have slept.
Body-Temperature rhythm starts to rise in the morning when one gets out of bed. If the elevation in your body temperature is delayed by a few hours, the drop in your temperature in the evening will also be delayed by the same amount of time. Therefore, if you try to go to bed at your normal time, you won't be able to fall asleep because your body temperature will be too elevated.

2) Reducing Time Alloted for Sleep- Reduce your time in bed so that it more closely matches the amount of sleep you are averaging per night.
If you are averaging six hours of sleep, your time in bed should be limited to a maximum of seven hours. Contrary to what you think, reducing time in bed will not reduce sleep time. Rather, it will increase prior wakefulness, strengthen the sleep system, and therefore increase your sleep time. Sleep efficiency will also improve and your bed will become a stronger a cue for sleep.

3) Napping- if you can afford it, an afternoon nap as short as ten minutes can enhance alertness, mood & mental performance. Limit it to 45 mins, as anything longer will strongly disrupt your sleep patterns for that night.

4) Stimulus-Control Techniques- Do not make the bed a cue for wakefulness.
- Use the bedroom for sleep & sexual activity only. Do not use the bedroom to do your work.
- Make sure you feel drowsy when you turn off the lights to go to bed.
- If you don't fall asleep within 20-30 mins, don't lie in bed tossing & turning. Instead go out and do another activity, and then attempt to go to sleep again.
This might take up to TWO weeks to notice any improvement. After FOUR weeks of consistently practising, your body will adjust accordingly & should be able to fall asleep jsoon more easily on most nights.

Other things to AID better sleep:
5) Have about 20-30 mins exercise regime every other day, and about 3-6 hours before bedtime. This will help reduce the time required to fall asleep by half, and sleep time to increase by almost one hour.

6) A Bath.- A hot bath about two hours before bedtime help the body to relax.

7) Exercising the Brain- The intellectual & mental stimulation increases the pressure for sleep.

8) Improve Sleep & Mood with Bright Light.
- When sunlight enters the eyes, melatonin levels decrease, which signals body temperature to rise and promotes wakefulness.Darkness causes melatonin levels to increase and body temperature to fall, which promotes sleep.
- Consequently, increased exposure to sunlight at certain times of the day can minimise sleep-onset insomnia & early morning awakenings.
- Open the drapes immediately upon awakening.
- Eat breakfast near a sun-exposed windown.
- Take an early morning walk.

9) Caffeine, Nicotine & Alcohol can Disturb Sleep.

10) Only carbohydrate snack two hours before bed time. It will increase serotonin levels during the night and ensure that your sleep isn't disturbed due to hunger.

11) The lower the room temperature, the greater the drop in body temperature and the easier it will be to fall asleep & stay asleep. However, make sure you are kept warm as not to catch a cold.

12) Keep the Bedroom Dark & Quiet. Loud noises from outside can disrupt a person from entering deep sleep.
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