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Sights & Scenes of Milford Sound: Part 2

The pictures you have been waiting eagerly for!

The beautiful and picturesque Milford Sound in NZ South Island (there was another spot before that...but I was sick & hence, all was forgotten abt....nvm).At Milford, I boarded a little "boat" which took us around the body of water, and we stayed overnight before heading off to Queenstown.

A clear green lake along the route to Milford Sound

One of the waterfalls by the mountains.

The Hills are alive....... (On the way to Milford Sound).
The hills are alive...! On the way to Milford Sound

Glaciers from Winter: Milford Sound
A fallen glacier from winter.

Little waterfalls...
Little "waterfalls" down the range.. It rains almost 355 days in Milford Sound.

little waterfalls 2

Little rapids.. plenty of these around North & South Island.

On the boat.. you can see waterfalls in the background.

Nepthrite Jade. A typical unpolished New Zealand jade-rock..

Huge waterfall
Woo hoo!! One of the more splendid waterfalls in the Sound..

Waterfalls 2
Upclose shot of waterfall...

Unfortunately the boat went a little too close to the waterfall...Everyone was running in. You'd have to tilt your head to see the video. LOL.

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HarbX said...

Wow those pictures are absolutely fantastic!

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