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Yup, that's what it is.

This place is swamped with Working Holiday Makers from across all continents on the globe! Koreans, Taiwanese, Hongkies, Irish, French, Germans! You name it!

How's anyone gonna get a short-term job with so much competition, one wonders?

Lodged in my female dorm room in the hostel I'm currently booked at, my hostel mates consists of mostly Koreans, Germans, French, Irish....etc. I actually get to hear the German language spoken in practice (though I don't understand a word of it).

The streets are overflowing with Asians.. suspended in time, you might for a moment think you might be somewhere in Hong Kong or Taiwan for that matter, if it weren't for the fact that you were holding a street map of Sydney. Just in the past few days, from where I am seated now, I've heard the drums playing to the lion dances in procession. They even have Chinese New Year celebration slated for the first week of February (which when I checked online, did not appear anywhere on the list of events for the other Aussie states surprisingly!).

After chilling out (mostly in my room sadly), and updating my CV for the past week, I am finally ready to hit the beaches (again!) of Manly, Parramatta River, and Bondi. A girl's got to do some tanning, and breathe a little (if you get the gist).

So far there was a house-warming drinking party (not that I drink much either) of a mate, Peter, whom I met during my Contiki tour in NZ. You do understand that the typical lifestyle of most Aussies consists of beer drinking (a common staple drink, so don't be judgmental, if that's what you're thinking!). There's also the 30-cents McDonald's soft cone. Convenient and cheap for those who want something cold at midnight, or any hour late if that burger at 8 o'clock earlier was a little too light for your liking. ^^

Not to mention, the Paddy's Market. Where one bag of vege/ fruit/ whatever leftovers sells for $1 one hour before closing time... it's like a madhouse! It's amazing by how much you can stretch $5 dollars in that last one hour before it closes!

This morning, instead of Hillsong, I attended a Baptist service in English on the street up where I am staying. It claims to be the first Baptist Church in Australia. Interesting. However in retrospect, I feel more suited to a Bible-believing and Spirit-filled structured church. Some people are just made for something more robust.

I believe that my presence as His Salt has brought changes into the people's life around me. It's something that I perceive, and probably indiscernable to the common eye, but my spirit man tells me that I should persist in whatever I have done so far.

Am I enjoying myself, you might be asking? It's really difficult to say. If it's God's will for me to remain here, I will. But at this point of time, I depend daily for His Strength. Going only where He leads me to...

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