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Politics: A question of power.

Courtesy is seen to be what holds a person in a good light. Yet it is very much a part of the intricate web of what goes unacknowledged, yet existing in everyone's mind that is called "politics".

As of the time of writing, I have experienced the situation of what many would call a question of "politics". Politics at its grassroots level. Something unseen, not physically given, yet personally felt and dealt with every day of our lives.When we need something from our parents, manager, or even want to ask a favour, we have to play by the rules of politics.

Yet when dealt with a threat, the person with power has only two ways to deal with it. Confront it, or get rid of the problem. The underlying rule one gets from watching yet too many episodes of Yes Minister is people in authority do not like change.

Its not really something fathomable when one is just a bystander. We nod our heads in agreement, but until we have personally felt it, we realise not how much of politics that people have to play by everyday.

Many would say the same about my motherland. How can anyone not let their voices be heard, having seen a situation that deserves rectification, and just let it be? In a similar situation, the same scenario extends to both. Yet many would rather risk a little discomfort than to be pulled up for questioning. They'd rather live their lives in fear, afraid that they could not find something better.

It's either a matter of fight, or flee. I'd rather fight, thank you very much.

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