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The Lakes of Taupo.

Today will be the last lap in my Geyserlake Kiwi Experience tour around North Island. We finally arrived at the Lake Taupo and checked in at the X Base here.

The only thing I can say about my X Base accomodations is that the best one is found in ChristChurch, and second best was in Wellington. The ones in Rotorua leaves much to be desired whereas the one in Taupo could do better with more information on the front desk. Basically the person manning the front desk are among the most important people a company could hire as they represent the "image" of the company, regardless whichever business or who its clientele could be.

Black Water Rafting this morning was well..... interesting. For a mildly and fairly pricey tour, it was not too bad. But I can't afford to do too much of it. We went caving in the watery underground caves of Ruakuri. First we had to sign some indemnification papers (or something like that) and then put on these really tight black wet suits, "socks", boots and a helmet with a light on it.

Tonight one of the girls is celebrating her birthday at the bar, so we are supposed to dress up as pirates and bucanneers. woo hoo... oh, and I'm making hamburgers with one of the other Kiwi Experience travellers for dinners. Its pretty convenient when there's a Woolworths around the corner.

Tomorrow I was thinking of going up the Tangariro Crossing, but with my less-than-desirable-state-of-fitness, I have been thinking twice about's a one day 7 hour walk across volcanic rocks.. Not too sure if I'm up for it though. =P

You know, I came to New Zealand to tour, but I think I've been exercising almost everyday since I started the North Island tour!

Ok, see you guys later...

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