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Happy Australia Day!

Today is Australian National Day! Happy Birthday Australia!

Whilst hanging out at the hostel, I met Daniel an Aussie-Chinese-Singaporean-Malaysian-France combination bloke. Singapore born. Parent from Malaysia. Bred in Australia. Wife from France. Yeah, and he speaks English. French. & some Hokkien.

I had yet to have actually met a chinese who could speak French fluently. Maybe I should go out more... haha.
Anyways I, JeJe (a korean girl), Lau, & Dan headed off to Darling Harbour to watch the fireworks at night.

Woah! It was fantastic! Dan carried me (like literally!) on his shoulders! Who'd know so many years of navy training would make a man that strong, eh?

Here's a video of the fireworks for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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