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Dipping my feet in the hot pools of Rotorua

Kia Ora, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!

I know.. I's been a while. It's just a bit hard to update my blog when I'm on the move.

Anyway, dropping some ink from Rotorua now.

Christmas was interesting. I spent a lot of time with my cousin's friends and their friends... Because Chinese New Year is not celebrated with much pomp, Christmas takes precedence, and most people (in this case, my cousin Winnie) takes this time to celebrate it by having dinner after dinner every night.

I also learnt to adapt to my cousin's family and "way of life". As you all know, being organized and tidy is not one of my best features. :P

Anyway, I'm currently at Rotorua now. I booked a tour with Kiwi Experience, and am spending two days in Rotorua. Tomorrow I'm heading off to Waitomo for one night, then Lake Taupo for two days before heading back to Auckland on 8th January.

Today I went for my first ever White Water River Rafting on River Kaituna. Something extraordinary for someone who does not even know how to swim!

The main leader of the rafting guides (or one of them) will say a prayer before they start the rafting trip... I'm not sure what he said, but he ended it with something sounding like "Amen".. to which when I heard it, then it struck me. One thing I realised as I went down in the raft down on the rapids was that I believe in my heart that the Lord God Almighty did not only create these waterfalls and rapids for his own pleasure, but for ours as well. To paraphrase the famous phrase from the movie Chariots of Fire, "I feel His Pleasure when I raft".

Tomorrow I'll be heading with the Kiwi Experience towards Waitamo. I'll be going Black Water Rafting in the Waitomo Caves (or something like that.. not too sure of the details) which sounds rather exciting and looking for glowworms...

Rotorua is also well known for its geothermal activity, mud pools, hot springs and the place kind of smell like "rotten eggs". Today I also went for a dip at this place called the Polynesian Spa which is part of the hot springs.... I could not resist the pomp and grandeur of "dipping myself into the pool until my toes wrinkle"

Well, let's just say that after my first time, it will also be my last time.. Sitting and dipping in the pool for one hour really does not seem to excite me that much. But hei, at least I can tell you guys that I did it!

There's been much happening, but I can't write it all within this till then, g'day mates!

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