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Back Down Under...

Hi guys... I've actually got an entry prepared, but it won't be up till I get my lappie back from a friend who is currently safekeeping it for the time being.

As you can guess, I am currently back Down Under here. This time in Sydney. Till date, I have met up with some mates from uni, and am staying at a hostel till I find a better & more permanent flat.

What, you say?!!

Yes.. I have decided to stay here for a while.. at least till my visa runs out. As much as I'd like to see the sights & sounds of further Australia, after seeing it all in NZ, I have to say that nothing can be stated in comparison to the sights of Milford Sound, Coromandel Range and probably Lake Taupo. (I am biased, I know).

Am basically chilling out here in Sydney. I have seen Opera Harbour and the casino (lol), as well as to Hillsong Church (in the city). If you have any further questions in regard to my change of heart, please do address here. I will gladly be of service to answer them all ^^

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