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Queenstown: the Adrenaline Junkie Town.

Hi people.. Yeah, yeah, I know I have not written in a long while. Almost a month, huh? Anyways, am currently in Queenstown, the North Island of the the land of the Kiwi birds..

Well, just to tell you what I have been up to since I left Toowoomba. I headed off to Brisbane for my cousin's graduation in UQ. The days after, my aunt & uncle dragged me off to Gold Coast for two days. Whereby I took a train to the Brisbane International Airport. It was a 3 hour journey to Auckland, and it was delayed for about half an hour on the Virgin Blue.

Coming to Auckland from small town like Toowoomba after two years, is like a new start. It feels like I just came out from the "small village".. LOL. I reckon I've been living far too long in Toowoomba now!

After two days in Auckland, I immediately signed up for a Contiki tour from Christchurch. I went straight to Christchurch and stayed at a backpacker's for a couple of days before the tour started.

As you can say, I was never the fittest of people, and it was raining the day before the tour started. I got caught in the rain, so have been feeling under the weather for a couple of days.

The tour has been all right so far. There are loads of whites in the group who spend the days drinking until morning... not something I could partake in doing & since I'm not that much of a drinker.

I will write more about the sights & sounds later as I'm currently in an internet cafe, & am not exactly in the fittest state to share about it.

Will write more later!

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