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Dropping a note from Christchurch.

Hi people, am dropping a note from Christchurch. Today from Franz Josef, we trucked back to Christchurch and drove through Arthur's Pass. My tour is ending tomorrow, and I'm staying a night in Wellington before heading back to Auckland. We're taking the ferry over to Wellington tomorrow, so we're cross the seas.. it's a 5 hour drive to Picton before that however.

I've so far recovered from the cold, and am feeling better now. Had to stay away from drinking, dancing, cappucinos and hot cocoa ^^ .

Yesterday I went on a 5-hour hike on a block of ice (otherwise called a glacier) in Franz Josef. The brochure says that we are supposed to have a "reasonable amount of fitness" in order to walk on it... I ended up 2 hours later with legs so stretched, I could barely walk! I had to take some painkillers from a mate in the tour!

Ok people, will write more later.

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