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A year older, hopefully wiser.

The only aptly suitable adjective I can describe it for this year is "low-key". As you can guess, we didn't drive down with my I.F mates to Darra all the way just for dinner. There were about nine of us including John, Kay, Mancy, Chris, Claire, Hanna, Izam, Justin, and of course, yours truly. John went down to Brisbane to pick Mancy up.... (*dum dum dum*)

To tell the truth, I had no idea we were going to Darra, nor that we were going to have a long drive down all the way to Brisbane and forth. It was truly a joyride (almost like going round the merry-go-round).

Well, Hong-Kong style since I will miss their "Hong-Kong" ness. We've had hot-pot on many many occasions, and had Western (like almost and will be some more) in the next couple of days. So I finally requested for something Chinese.. I had asked Kay to prepare something "Hong-Kong" style but the larder was truly almost empty by this point of time (umm... exactly what did they do at the supermarket on Saturday afternoon anyways?).

Anyway, they are having a separate farewell for me tonight... so there!

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