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A touch of the Lord.

Tonight we drove down to Darra for dinner with my Hongkie mates, but along the way, I had a discussion with an ex-housemate of mine, J. In case you didn't know, Darra is a Vietnamese area on the way down to Brisbane. We stopped over at Chinatown to pick Mancy up, and I gave Seng Yee (& gang who were in SunnyBanks) a surprise call! My chat wit J. was so interesting that I didn't realise we had already arrived at Chinatown!

If you want to say that Darra is far, what can you say about my mates who drive down all the way to Kajang for satay...ah??

J has known me for two years and we were roomies in the first year. I guess that one of my concerns lies when I return to my hometown is to do with my spiritual growth as well as my personality. As I have realised, I have a personality that may rub against the grain of what is the norm. J notes that we have similarities in the sense that we both are uniquely as from the norm, but it is good that He has created us to be who we are, for each of us have a different role in His Kingdom, but what that may only He will reveal to us in time.

What J. has told me has been of much encouragement to me, as we reflected on what has happened in the past two years. I really believe that even with what that has happened to YK, that He guides and leads each of us in His Own Time.

Of course this is not very helpful advice to one in the storm and midst of their adolescents when they are still looking for their own identity. J notes that although some people will initially find my personality a bit of a shock, however as they get to know me, it was something they would get used to as that was just me, but it was a totally different case for him in his case.. I had not really thought about this, but I guess J. was trying to describe me as someone who "grows on people".

One of the most powerful incidents for me this year was when my house was burglared. I have replayed this incident many times in my mind, and have brought to mind that it is of no coincidence that everything that was stolen from me, from my money to my handbag was brought back to me in order. Although I had a loss, but everything was restored to me, and nothing was lacking. But the thief had everything to lose in his moment of indiscretion, where he made the choice to take something which wasn't his, and has received his just desserts when he was arrested a month after...

This is the year where the Lord's presence had really filled my life. For so many years, I have heard his voice, but I could not really hear him speak. When people tell me that they can tell I have experienced much of the Lord, I could never actually understand what it is that they "see". But today was the first time I had heard J. tell me that he had seen it manifested in my life....that I actually had apply what I know rather than spout it.

I guess judging from this, it is important to have people in our lives who know us and continue to reflect and remind us of how much we have grown in the Lord, no matter how little, or how much we think it might not be necessary to do so.

Today is Anti-Violence Against Women Day. There were ladies giving out to men white ribbons to be pinned on their shirts. A lady came out to share her testimony about how she had accepted the Lord at the age of 7, but she realised that from the day she had made the choice to accept the Lord, was the day the battle against her started. For over twenty over years of her life, she had experienced abuse after abuse in the hands of the men in her life that she thought was supposed to protect but didn't. Yet she knew that they were not doing the right thing.

The testimony touched a raw chord, especially within some of the young girls who had suffered abuse in the hands of their supposed boyfriends and had managed to break free of it. The entire congregation prayed against this.

One of the things that I would like to mention in leading to this is not so much about the Anti Violence thingy, but about the worship ministry. Although in the past two years I had not once joined in the Worship Ministry here, however the past six months has been a scene of change. As many may know, there was a period in the last six months where I wanted to leave the particular church I was due to circumstances which I had not the control of. However I believe it was the Lord's doing that I was to stay, and when I made the decision to stay, it was also one where I decided I would be committed to my work with the children in the church.

I have come to know & believe in my experience, that worship, & anointed worship (as evangelist Jimmy mentioned) has the power to bring down strongholds. The many times I have watched Dennis & Jennifer worship and sing to the Lord has actually encouraged me to break free off the way I worship. For me, kneeling down was something I could never do even in the midst of so many people worshipping. It was really a breakthrough for me.

The fire that has been lighted, the energy and the passion I am hoping that I would continue to bring with me no matter where I go. I really believe that that is one of the lasting things that I will miss of the church. The passion, the fire and energy that exuberates from all the young people who show such love for the Lord. I thank the people in the Worship Ministry who have taken the time to put in such effort and time to practise and serve the Lord. Keep up the good job!

In summary, I must say that I have experienced something of the Lord this year after all!

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