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A tale of my mates (I)

Since I have absolutely so much free time these days, I would like to write an entry on my friends in Toowoomba... Some of them hail from Malaysia. and the rest are from other countries, the most namely Hong Kong.

Among the people I chat a lot mainly with is particularly Seng Yee. Now, it's a strange story of how I ended up talking with him a lot. It started around the time when I was in the midst of the "church crises" this year. He's many years my junior, which is also another reason why I did not take him serious initially (not that I take him that seriously these days, LOL). Anyway, Seng Yee comes from Brunei, and speaks Mandarin, English, & funny accented Cantonese.

I guess the breakthrough came about the time when church camp started, and I told him of my decision not to go. He eventually got the true reason why I didn't want to go.... and after the camp knew that it was the best choice I could have ever made at that time although it was difficult amongst the pressure given. ^_^

After that, he decided to "seek" my advice, and now makes one of my best phone companions. Anyway, Seng Yee is currently back in Brunei & flew off the day after my birthday.. (else I'd have wrung his neck..). I have absolutely no idea on the political position that Brunei stands on, but I'd probably have to find out now.

The other few that I actually mix a lot with are Eltrisa & Samantha. Both of them are from Hong Kong. You can guess that I talk to them in Cantonese...(duh). They are both currently in Melbourne doing a Student Life christian camp. Both of them have a sense of humour, and I've got used to Samantha's sense of humour (which is loud, like me, LOL).

Samantha was formerly my housemate, and shared a room with Hanna. She moved to stay in Eltrisa's unit in the second sem. I enjoy talking to both Sam & Eltrisa, as they show much passion for the Lord. I love hearing Samantha praying in Cantonese, because you could see (and hear) that she has a very strong faith, and I always feel comforted after hearing her pray. They're both 23 years old.

Another person I socialise with a lot now is Mancy. Well, its a bit hard to find the words to describe what Mancy is. Mancy is a very outgoing person (actually all the Hong Kong girls I've met so far seem very outgoing for some strange reason or another), and she is very good at teasing people. All of them have studied psychology, but Mancy is is currently in the second year of her second degree for Nursing. She's about 25 years old.

When I first knew Mancy, I had difficulty understanding the strong will & personality that she demonstrated. But throughout the year as I got to know her, I realised that Mancy is a person who is passionate about the Lord, very prayerful and is very strong for the Lord's work. She is also very hardworking, and is able to manage her time between her studies and job, which is something I respect for someone in her circumstances. I believe that with her skills, Mancy will be able to go far in life and minister to the people in the African countries using her medical skills in the near future that looms so near ahead.

Among other reasons that I get along with them is that all three do not act giggly for their age.They act fairly mature which is another reason why I find their company pretty much comforting, & on the same wavelength.

The other mate that I miss dearly is Alan. He's currently in Hong Kong, but when he was here last year, I had many conversations with him. He is (and is still) one of the most talkative persons I ever know. He enjoys baking, and is great at baking Tiramisu. Although we have differing opinions, I still enjoy talking to him. Alan is a free-spirit, and is very independent.

One of things that touched me dearly was that Alan came to visit me on transit to HK when I was back in KL for the summer last year.He needn't have do that but he did so out of concern when I was having an emotional crisis. Loyalty and concern, regardless of time and finance are among the traits that Alan demonstrates and is something note-worthy and worth mentioning here. Thank you Alan, for the time and dedication you have for your friends. The loyalty & dedication you spend on your friends will not go wasted, nor unnoticed.

As it is, I have much difficulty in chatting with him (and a lot of the HKies) in English on MSN, and it is a problem as I do not read chinese. I find it much easier to just pick up the phone and call them up on their landline. Haha!

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