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A tale of my mates (II)

This is the second of entries on acquaintances. Actually, I should get packing since I've only got 3 more working days!! But hmmm....I will get about to that in a sec.... (right). A mate just mentioned that my MSN titles are like soap operas... He gets hooked on reading it.. is there any way to SSL them?? (LOL)

From the Hong Kong batch, there is also Kay, who is Sam's beau. He can be quite manja... a bit like Sam..(LOL) and I think I have unconsciously picked up some conversational habits from him. He's also good at baking the Tiramisu (but not sure what else he's good at baking though..LOL). He likes taking photographs. Its a bit difficult to find the words to describe him, but I enjoy his company.

Kay asked me to extend my stay, but after checking with the airlines, I realised it costs less to travel from Sydney to Toowoomba than to upgrade! Besides it is too costly for someone who isn't working... so I think I will have to forgo on that la..

Then there is Jiaren who hails from Miri, Sarawak. We talk on stuff mostly about photography, geek stuff and I.T stuff. You can say I learn a lot about photography from Jiaren (who recently got himself a very funky Nikon SLR). Somehow everytime I am with Jiaren, I learn some new trick about cameras... Hah.

Jiaren is also fairly mature for his age (which is many many years my junior), and gets along with people of all ages. I enjoy his company because he is a person who is able to switch modes depending on whom he is with, and yes, he is quite the social person.

Although this person shouldn't deserve mention, but I'd like to. Yang Wei who hails from West Malaysia is a pretty unique case, and is worth mentioning. At the beginning of this year, I had some unresolved conflict with him. Let's just say I never found out what the problem was. He's isn't my bestest friend or whatsoever, but I guess after a long period (I guess we, or us as a group of friends together) managed to resolve the problem. It's a pity that I didn't get to know him better as I'm finally done with my studies.

He's a man of few words and has got a funny sense of (quiet) humour and is teased mercilessly by Sam & Mancy. (as well as by Ezra & Sam, LOL). He recently got a haircut aka. YK style, and looks really cute.
Yang Wei is a good sport with people, and show much dedication and loyalty to his friends. I guess that he's among those whom one needs to spend time with in order to understand. (LOL). You're a sport, Yang Wei!

It is not possible for me to mention Yang Wei without not referring to Kevin. I've known of him for two years, but it was only the end of last year that I actually realised he had a sense of humour. He had moved into the unit I am staying at just before I headed home, and had already moved out by the time I was back here in the first semester.

Kevin is a person of few words, and is one of the (quiet) pearls of gem that I have found. He has however a sarcastic humour and is able to find very aptly suitable words for the occasion, of which makes him a fortunate (or unfortunate!) oft receipient of many painful pinches/punches from yours truly! He enjoys playing the guitar, making music, and loves the Lord with a passion.

I enjoy his company mostly ... because I find his company soothing, comforting. and yes, quiet. A lot of people say he's good looking, but I don't really think that is what which stands out. Although he is (so called) quiet, he is at many times (and does!) speak his mind. The most aptly suitable proverb I would use to describe his personality is "just because the water is still doesn't mean that there are no crocodiles". You could say that I have got a soft spot for this gentleman... who wouldn't? -_-

Well anyways, I think that's about the mates I can write about now... a part 3 might come later. But I need to take a hiatus now. C ya!

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